Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Obama More Liberal Than Kucinich

This probably makes him the leading moderate with the base of the party.
WASHINGTON - The most liberal member of Congress running for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination isn't Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio.

It's Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.

And the Republican candidate who's grown less conservative over his years in Congress? Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

Those are among the interesting findings in a recent analysis of votes by all the members of Congress who are running for president. They cut to the heart of debates going on among activists in both major parties: Can a liberal Democrat win a general election? Which Republican is ideologically pure enough to win support from conservatives?
What about the GOP?
The most conservative member of Congress seeking the Republican nomination - based on lifetime voting records - is Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, with a score of 82.5. The most conservative score possible was 99.
Hunter isn't registering much support again the more well-known names, but I certainly could live with him as President. Obama? I don't think so.

The bad news on the Doubtetalk Express today?
McCain got a 46 for social issues - left of center - and more conservative grades for economic and foreign policy issues.
More at Captain's Quarters.

UPDATE: Sister Toldjah checks in.

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