Tuesday, July 31, 2007

If It's Good Enough For The New York Times . . .

Having the eyes of a kestrel, it was easy to find Kosling Conspiracy Theory No.___: Court Says FoxNews Can Subvert The Truth floating in the Web's premier cesspool of progressive group-think.

As Zwoof screeches
In February 2003, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States.
Well, there they go again. There is a rule, it's settled law; and unless the US Supreme Court reverses itself, it's the Law of the Land.

How could a Kosling, the intellectual stalwarts of the Parallel Universe, overlook such an important - but inconvenient - truth?

A reasonable presumption would be that in 1964, a rather very progressive-dominated Supreme Court said that it was cool to distort the truth when it ruled in favor of The New York Times in the landmark decision, Times v. Sullivan 376 U.S. 254 (1964), from which existing defamation laws in tort have evolved.
Respondent, an elected official in Montgomery, Alabama, brought suit in a state court alleging that he had been libeled by an advertisement in corporate petitioner's newspaper, the text of which appeared over the names of the four individual petitioners and many others. The advertisement included statements, some of which were false, about police action allegedly directed against students who participated in a civil rights demonstration and against a leader of the civil rights movement; respondent claimed the statements referred to him because his duties included supervision of the police department. The trial judge instructed the jury that such statements were "libelous per se," legal injury being implied without proof of actual damages, and that for the purpose of compensatory damages malice was presumed, so that such damages could be awarded against petitioners if the statements were found to have been published by them and to have related to respondent. As to punitive damages, the judge instructed that mere negligence was not evidence of actual malice and would not justify an award of punitive damages; he refused to instruct that actual intent to harm or recklessness had to be found before punitive damages could be awarded, or that a verdict for respondent should differentiate between compensatory and punitive damages. The jury found for respondent and the State Supreme Court affirmed. Held: A State cannot under the First and Fourteenth Amendments award damages to a public official for defamatory falsehood relating to his official conduct unless he proves "actual malice" - that the statement was made with knowledge of its falsity or with reckless disregard of whether it was true or false.
Who woulda thunk it? The Koslings are actually attacking the Warren Court.

UPDATE: Serendipity strikes again. Here's the perfect theme song for the Kooky Kult Kiddyz. Such mishegas, just in time for Daughter of COMINTERN, too.

Spokeswackos in Chicago for the Gathering of Moonbats were unavailable for comment.

Send in the Clowns

If the poor folks in Darfur think they have it bad, well, things aren't going to get much better.

U.N. approves up to 26,000 troops, police for Darfur
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The U.N. Security Council authorized on Tuesday up to 26,000 troops and police for Darfur and approved the use of force to protect civilians in Sudan's arid western region.

Expected to cost more than $2 billion in the first year, the combined "hybrid" U.N.-African Union operation aims to quell violence in Darfur, where more than 2.1 million people have been driven into camps and an estimated 200,000 have died over the past four years.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who conducted months of talks with Khartoum, described the resolution as "historic and unprecedented" and said the mission would "make a clear and positive difference."

Hide the women and young girls.

Murtha sticks fingers in ears and pretends to not listen

"I dismiss it at as rhetoric," said US Representative John Murtha, a former marine, congressional heavyweight on military matters, and outspoken Iraq War critic.

"I don't know where they were staying. I don't know what they saw. But I know this: that it's not getting better," Murtha said on CNN television.

"It's over-optimist. It's an illusion," the Pennsylvania lawmaker continued.

Now who is the good Congress critter talking about you ask? Why these guys.

A top Democratic lawmaker Tuesday dismissed the findings of two longtime Iraq war critics, who cited a dramatic improvement in the situation there following the infusion of thousands of additional US troops

Independent Brookings Institution analysts Michael O'Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack, who often have criticized US Iraq policy, on Monday said they noted a marked improvement on their last visit earlier this month to the war-torn country.

And to answer the congressman's question in regards to where they were staying, apparentely it wasn't at the al Rasshed or inside the Green Zone.

Pollack and O'Hanlon returned from eight days of meetings with US generals, diplomats and Iraqis saying they were more hopeful than they had expected.

But don't worry regardless of the news coming out of Iraq the Dems have become a one trick pony on this issue. All they want to do is get the troops out and to hell with anything else. They are not concerned about possible genocide, invasion from surrounding countries, or empowering al Queda. This has become the liberals own obsessive compulsive behavior now. They are so fixated on this truly bumpersticker slogan that they are blinded to all of the other realities that exist in the world.
I hope and I pray that Americans will see these liberals and Dems exactly for what they are and will not back a loser when it is time to cast their vote.

Oh yeah Obama, you know those people you have no problem sitting down and talking to in Iran? You might have trouble finding a journalist to report on it.

Two Journalists Sentenced to Death in Iran

TEHRAN, Iran — The Iranian judiciary confirmed that two journalist from the country's Kurdish minority have been sentenced to death, a rare verdict against media people here, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported on Tuesday.

"Adnan Hassanpour and Hiva Boutimar have been sentenced to execution on the charge of Moharebeh," the agency quoted Ali Reza Jamshidi, spokesman of judiciary, as saying. Moharebeh, which literally means "fighting" in classical Arabic, is used in Iran's Sharia law to describe a major crime against the religion and the Islamic state.

The official new agency did not specify what crime the two Kurdish journalists were precisely accused of.

Dark Day for Democrats

Expect hissyfits across the fruited plain today. Whenever it's good news for America, it's bad news for the left.

Roberts to leave hospital Tuesday
WASHINGTON - Chief Justice John Roberts was expected to be released from a hospital in Maine Tuesday, a day after suffering a seizure, a Supreme Court spokeswoman said.

Roberts, 52, plans to continue his vacation at a summer home in Maine, said spokeswoman Kathy Arberg. Doctors found no cause for concern after evaluating Roberts, she said. President Bush's chief spokesman, Tony Snow, reported earlier that Roberts told Bush in a phone call that he was doing fine.
The nutroots may be jumping from rooftops.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Consumer Confidence Hits 6-Year High
NEW YORK (AP) -- Consumer confidence hit a six-year high in July, a widely watched gauge of sentiment showed on Tuesday, as Americans shrugged off falling home prices to focus on a healthy jobs market, instead.

The New York-based Conference Board said that its Consumer Confidence Index, rebounded to 112.6, its highest level since August 2001 when it recorded a 114.0 reading. That compared to a revised 105.3 in June. The July 24 cutoff for the preliminary survey of 5,000 U.S. households was before last week's stock market tumble, however.
Experts everywhere are confounded.

Stocks surge after GM earnings
NEW YORK - Stocks surged Tuesday, as strong earnings from General Motors Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc. helped Wall Street extend its recovery from last week's plunge.

Investors were also eager to buy back into the stock market after economic snapshots suggested tame inflation and rising consumer confidence.
Go**amn f**cking capitalist pigs!

Now for something to really drive them insane:

Lieberman escalates attack on Iraq critics
Ever since Connecticut Democrats refused to back him for a fourth term in Congress, Joe Lieberman has been burnishing his independent credentials in the narrowly divided Senate while becoming increasingly critical of the Democratic Party on the war in Iraq.

Lieberman, the Democrats' 2000 vice presidential nominee, insists he is not actively considering joining the Republican Party. But he is keeping that possibility wide open as his disenchantment grows with Democratic leaders. The main sticking points are their attempts to end the war in Iraq and their hesitation to take a harder line against Iran.

"I think either [Democrats] are, in my opinion, respectfully, naive in thinking we can somehow defeat this enemy with talk, or they're simply hesitant to use American power, including military power," Lieberman said in a wide-ranging interview with The Hill.

"There is a very strong group within the party that I think doesn?t take the threat of Islamist terrorism seriously enough."
Ned Lament was unavailable for comment.

Not even noon on the east coast. What other bad news can the Democrats expect today?

UPDATE: The hits keep on coming:

U.S. forces welcome least deadly month of Iraq push
BAGHDAD, July 31 - The build-up of extra troops in Baghdad may be bearing fruit, U.S. commanders said on Tuesday, as they welcomed news that July was the least deadly month for their forces in Iraq since last November.
Now this:
News Corp. Appears to Have Enough Votes to Clinch Deal
News Corp. is poised to win control of Dow Jones & Co., including its flagship publication, The Wall Street Journal, after a key Bancroft trust changed its mind and decided to accept News Corp.'s $60-a-share offer for the newspaper publisher.
Left with scraps, the bedwetting left is reduced to kvelling over this, which they're too stupid to realize is meaningless.

Gingrich: Detroit a Disaster

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich spoke some harsh truth about Detroit, and boy, does the truth ever hurt.

Gingrich calls Detroit a disaster, draws ire
Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich drew strong criticism from Detroit city leaders and school officials Monday after calling the city a "disaster" in a national network TV interview on Sunday.

Gingrich blasted the city of Detroit, Detroit Public Schools, the United Auto Workers and Michigan's unemployment rate during an interview on Fox News Sunday in which he talked about how he would transform Washington.

A spokesman for Gingrich, an undeclared Republican presidential candidate who has been ramping up his public appearances, singled out Detroit and its schools because they're the "best worst-case example" of bureaucracy and "a union structure that doesn't work."

"We should basically, fundamentally replace the Detroit school system with a series of experiments to see if they'll work," Gingrich said in the interview.
So rather than admitting their city is a disaster, and honestly, there's no denying it is, what do officials in Detroit do?

Well, they're not exactly rushing to defend their hellhole.
A UAW spokesman would not comment, and Gov. Jennifer Granholm's office did not immediately return calls. Detroit Federation of Teachers President Virginia Cantrell said Gingrich should focus on his own city and state and "leave Detroit alone."

China to Paulson: We're No Threat

China tells Paulson it's poor and poses no threat
China on Tuesday deflected U.S. pressure for a faster rise in the yuan and bolder economic reforms by telling visiting Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson that it is still poor and poses no threat to anyone.

Paulson's visit coincides with a drive by U.S. lawmakers, frustrated by America's record trade deficit with China, to press Beijing upon pain of sanctions to allow open markets to set the yuan's value.
China would like for you to think that it is worried about the millions living in abject poverty, and is using that to justify retaining it's restrictive economic polices.


Actually, it is their restricitve polices that have created that abject poverty in the first place. China is now in the trick bag you get yourself into when you make up your econometric data as you go along. Pretty soon, you have no reference point upon which to make economic policy decisions.

China is just printing money to keep their exchange rate artificially low for trade reasons, so they are creating inflationary pressures which may spin out of control. There is no easy way out of this for them, especially with their made-up economic numbers.

Imagine trying to land an airplane on a dark aircraft carier at night; that is the equivalent task that China is facing now.

Good luck with that.

Shoe Bomber Reid: Allah Will Free Me From Supermax

This maniac is going to have a long wait on his hands. I figure he doesn't know Allah is dead and won't be stopping by the Supermax facility anytime soon. Though I guess he's holding out hope President Rodham will issue a pardon if his family ponies up enough money.

Crazed bomber says Allah will get him out of Supermax poky
Failed shoe bomber Richard Reid fantasizes that Allah will free him from the Supermax prison cell where he lives in isolation - and in his socks.

"I had a couple of good dreams about my situation changing for the better in the not-so-distant future, so this is a blessing from Allah," Reid wrote in letters obtained by a British newspaper.

"I place my trust in Allah that he will bring that into fruition and ask him to give me patience until the time when that occurs."

The Mirror also secured exclusive photos of the 33-year-old Al Qaeda acolyte who tried to blow up a packed Miami-bound jet with booby-trapped sneakers - and who stares with crazy eyes at the camera.

Behind the British-born Muslim convert are his paltry possessions - a few books about Islam, scraps of writing paper, a bear-shaped plastic container of what appears to be honey resting beside a shabby trunk.
He goes on to suggest his drug-addict father needs to find religion.
In missives to his Jamaican father, Robin Reid, the bearded bomber hectored him to get religion - the Muslim religion.

"How's your situation in regards to upholding the daily prayers?" he wrote. "Hopefully my advice was well received and if you didn't start praying yet, I'd ask you to re-read the two letters I wrote earlier this year on that subject and to reflect on your situation with Allah."

Reid also harshly rebutted his dad's suggestion that a Christian aunt who died suddenly was in a "better place."

"You should know that while Allah is merciful and forgiving, this applies only to those who upheld His rights," he wrote. "I do know that if she died while still believing that Jesus and God are one then that's not good as she had the chance to find out about Islam."
Seeing how well his conversion to Islam has worked out, he's not exactly one to be dispensing advice.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Spawn of Goracle Cops Guilty Plea

Man, it must be great to be a spoiled child of privilege.

Any one of us who were careening down I-5 in a mobile pharmacy, stoned out of our mind at 2 am, would probably be looking at serious jail time.

But I guess when you're the offspring of the mysteriously quiet Algore, you can do as you please and get a cushy spot in a celebrity rehab joint in Malibu.

Al Gore III sentenced to drug program this morning
LAGUNA NIGUEL – Albert Gore III, the son of former Vice President Al Gore Jr., pleaded guilty in Orange County Superior Court this morning to unlawful possession of prescription drugs and marijuana, and was allowed to enter a drug diversion program.

If Gore successfully completes a 90-day residential drug program in Malibu his convictions will be stricken from his record.

Defense attorney Al Stokke said Gore, 24, received no more or no less than anybody else charged with similar crimes.
Bulls**t. If you had several priors, then were caught with no less than five different kinds of drugs while doing 100 mph in a Prius, you'd be facing time, even if it's a meager few weeks, Paris Hilton-style.

This punk no doubt was forced by his family to get this out of the way, not that the media wasn't complying by dropping this story from the radar as quickly as possible.

Being a Democrat always has its privileges. A 90-day stretch in Malibu, and then this offense vanishes from history.

Hat tip: Radical Ron.

Send a Message to Gonzales ... and Some Cash to Us!

The John Edwards campaign is nothing if not shameless, and the latest missive from this oily outfit comes from the loathsome Joe Trippi.
Today, we need your help to send a message to insiders like George Bush's Attorney General Alberto Gonzales who have no respect for the rule of law, our rights and freedoms, or the Constitution.

Gonzales, the man who helped enable torture at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and illegal spying on Americans, is now facing a possible perjury investigation for lying to Congress.

President Bush may be incapable of admitting when he makes a mistake (yes, too many to count) -- but you and I and the American people still have the power to tell Gonzales that it is time to go!
I had no idea Gonzales was involved in "torturing" anyone at Abu Ghraib or Club Gitmo, but what's a little truth stretching when you're a pathetic snake-oil salesman?

It goes on and on about defending the Constitution, blah blah blah, with some clearly uninteded irony.
But here's the best part?with your help, we can send Gonzales a really BIG message.

If we gather over 25,000 signatures online, we're not just going to mail them.

We're going to put them at the bottom of the largest copy of the Constitution you have ever seen, and deliver it straight to Gonzales' office at the Robert F. Kennedy Justice Department building in Washington, D.C..
Would that be the same Robert F. Kennedy who wiretapped Martin Luther King?

Why yes, it is! Talk about trashing the Constitution.

I guess you could say a pitiful hack like Joe Trippi is one of those people who like to make up their own history while ignoring the past.

What a dope.

Of course, this urgent call to action comes with a P.S. in the form of a campaign contribution.
P.S. - This grassroots movement to change America depends on your support, so contribute today?even a small contribution?and help John Edwards and our campaign fight for the kind of change you and America deserve.
Also at Fishwrap.

Hanging With Hitler

The Kos Kidz should love this one. An inside look at their hero, as told by his former bodyguard.

The Secrets of Hitler's Last Living Aide
Nowadays, Misch lives in an apartment in Berlin. This part of the city is more like a village, the neighbors know each other and say hello. It's a quiet part of the world - except for Misch's apartment. He complains that his phone won't stop ringing, and the letters are piling up on his table once again. He even gets letters from Japan, Spain and the US. Some contain cash and requests for his autograph. Recently he had to order another set of photos of himself. He signs them and sends them on. The photos show Misch in his uniform, in front of two bunkers, 65 years ago. The war won't leave Misch in peace.
Poor thing, hounded by adoring fans. He wants peace and quiet. Can't you leave the poor Nazi alone in his twilight years?

So what does he decide to do to get some peace?

Write a book!
Misch has now written a book about his experiences during the Nazi era. It has already been published in South America, Japan, Spain, Poland and Turkey. It is due to be published in Germany this Autumn. It's called: "I was Hitler's Bodyguard."
The media will probably fall over themselves trying to get an interview.


Joseph Goebbels was unavailable for comment.

WaPo Slobbers Over Elizabeth Edwards

Washington Post "reporter" Dan Balz should be embarrassed to call himself a journalist after penning this shamelessly fawning puffpiece on moonbat Elizabeth Edwards. So nauseatingly syrupy and sappy, this public tongue-bath sets new lows for sycophancy which will be hardpressed to be matched in the 2008, or any other, campaign.

A True Political Partner

Naturally, there's no mention the woman is a far-left kook, and Balz accepts the fact the absurd encounter with Ann Coulter, clearly an orchestrated stunt, was spontaneous.
Last month, she phoned in to MSNBC's "Hardball" to confront conservative firebrand Ann Coulter. A few weeks later, during an interview with Salon.com, she criticized the two leading Democratic candidates, Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) and Barack Obama (Ill.), saying her husband would be a better advocate for women than Clinton and arguing that neither Clinton nor Obama had offered a compelling rationale for their candidacies.

Edwards said she is uncomfortable with all the attention those incidents received. "None of this was purposeful," she said. "Absolutely none. Zero."
Sure, and I have some oceanfront property in North Dakota for sale.

Odd how a piece of such length doesn't take any time whatsoever to mention any possible connection to the hiring of the insane nutroots bloggers a few months back, either, nor does the following strain any credulity with Balz.
She is a shopper. She likes to run by Target on Tuesdays, when the newest DVDs are released. On the campaign trail, she makes time for shopping detours, as she did last month in Iowa, unexpectedly getting out of the van and leaving her husband to go on alone to speak to a labor group.

"She jumped out in the middle of an intersection," John Edwards explained in mock horror shortly after it happened.

"At the corner," she replied.

"Sweetie, but there were no crosswalks or anything," he said. "There were cars everywhere."

"I just waited until there were no cars, and I walked with the light," she said firmly.

All for a pair of socks for Father's Day.

Somehow I doubt we'll be seeing such fawning over any of the wives of the GOP candidates.

Read the rest if you really feel like vomiting.

Gotta Love Cobb County

Why I love living in Cobb County GA
Maria Rivera sits in the Cobb County Jail, facing deportation after a traffic stop.
If the Mableton mother of three, who is here illegally from Mexico, had been pulled over in any other county in Georgia, she likely would have bailed out and gone on with her life.

But Cobb County's jail is at the forefront of local enforcement of immigration laws, going a step further than many states and further than a new Georgia law requires.
Cobb has trained some sheriff's deputies to determine the legal status of all foreign born inmates at the jail, no matter how minor the charge. Cobb jailers now can start deportation proceedings under what's known as a "287-G" agreement with federal immigration authorities.
"The computers are up and running," Cobb County Chief Deputy Sheriff Lynda Coker said. "They can run inquiries on a federal database."
A new state law effective July 1 requires jailers statewide to determine the legal status of inmates charged with felonies or DUI and report illegal immigrants to federal immigration officials, but they can leave it at that.

So take that 3rd Circuit, which recently struck down the laws passed in Hazelton, PA. Now this woman has been charged with: Expired tag; no license; no proof of insurance
So another unlicensed, uninsured motorists is taken off the streets. By the way GA requires proof of insurance to get a license and a tag, so how was she able to have a vehicle to start with?

And what do the “Let ‘em all in crowd” have to say. It is predictable
In the four weeks since the program began, Cobb jailers and ICE have interviewed 86 inmates, placed immigration holds on 68 and started deportation proceedings against 42, Coker said. Deportation paperwork done by sheriff's deputies must be reviewed by an immigration officer before it goes to a judge.
Although it's sheriff's deputies, and not Cobb County Police Department officers, who are now processing deportation paperwork, the program is sending a shiver through the immigrant community.
Fear destroys any rapport the community had with police, said Jerry Gonzalez, head of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials.
"This is having a very negative effect on overall public safety," Gonzalez said.{ed.- If by negative effect you mean another unlicensed, uninsured motorist is taken off the streets, then yeah}
Muzaffar Chishti, director of the Migration Policy Institute's office at New York University Law School, agrees. The institute is a nonprofit Washington think tank that studies global migration patterns.
"People are reluctant to report crimes to the police, or be witnesses in criminal proceedings," Chishti said.

That is why we must actively pursue legal proceedings against illegals. Chew on this Mr Chishti.
Some Cobb inmates who have been flagged for immigration holds are charged with child molestation or drugs, weapons and alcohol-related offenses, Rocha said.

Now of course Maria has 3 children but guess what? It ain’t her first trip.
Rivera was flagged because she had been deported before, in March 2006, after crossing the Mexican border illegally, Rocha said.
Rivera crossed again last year and went to Chicago with her husband and three children, said Enrique Farias, her roommate. About six months ago she came to Mableton with her children, Farias said.
His sister cared for the three children a few weeks while their mother was in jail, he said, until an uncle from Chicago came last week took the children home with him.
Rivera was stopped by a Cobb County police officer July 11 on her way to work as a house cleaner, Farias said. She is charged with driving without a license, having no proof of insurance and an expired tag, according to jail records.
Cobb County police Chief George Hatfield said his officer had no choice but to enforce the law with Rivera.
"It's sad if she's got the three children and everything, but she should have thought about that before she got behind the wheel of a car," he said.
Full story is here.

The Chimpeachers

If you're looking for intelligent discourse, the Leftisphere has w-a-a-a-y more than its fair share of intellectuals.

One again, Orlando over at Ft. Hard Knox was inspired by the intelligentsia stinking up Digg.


Retreat, Hell!

A must read from Robert Stacy McCain, co-author of the book Donkey Cons: Sex, Crime, and Corruption in the Democratic Party.
AMERICANS TODAY SELDOM RECALL the history of World War I, but it was in that conflict that U.S. "doughboys" proved themselves equal to any soldiers in the world -- and established an enduring reputation for toughness.

Today, many Americans agree with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that the war in Iraq is already lost, and that U.S. troops are "accomplishing nothing" by their presence there. As conclusive proof of the war's hopelessness, they cite the more than 3,600 U.S. combat deaths over the past four years. It isn't hard to imagine what the American troops who brought victory to the Allies in 1918 would think of such defeatism.
Read it all.

Majority of Americans Support Fascist Police State

Boy, the ACLU and assorted terrorist supporters will really have their panties in a knot after seeing this story. One can hear the cries of of the far-left freaks having conniptions over the fact people really do want security at the possible expense of some privacy. Though when you boil it down, there is no right to privacy in public space.

Surveillance Cameras Win Broad Support
Crime-fighting beats privacy in public places: Americans, by nearly a 3-to-1 margin, support the increased use of surveillance cameras — a measure decried by some civil libertarians, but credited in London with helping to catch a variety of perpetrators since the early 1990s.

Given the chief arguments, pro and con — a way to help solve crimes vs. too much of a government intrusion on privacy — it isn't close: 71 percent of Americans favor the increased use of surveillance cameras, while 25 percent oppose it.
On cue, the American Criminal Lovers Union starts whining.
Critics, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, have opposed such systems, arguing that they invade privacy, and could be used to track innocent people.
Again, cameras in public places make sense, and if you're innocent, what is there to worry about?
Through a political lens, support for increased use of surveillance systems is lowest, 62 percent, among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents who support Barack Obama for president — and highest of all, 86 percent, among Republicans who support Rudy Giuliani, who made his name as New York City's crime-fighting mayor.
Anyone detect a bit of irony here? The young crowd who might support a Barack Obama is also more likely to be flaunting themselves on YouTube and MySpace pages and have no problem walking around in skimpy outfits, yet they're opposed to surveillance cameras.

Go figure.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blaming the Jews for Darfur

You had to figure eventually some intellectual titan would blame the Jews for Darfur. I'm just surprised it took this long.

Sudan: Jews behind Darfur conflict
Sudan's defense minister, Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein, has accused "24 Jewish organizations" of "fueling the conflict in Darfur" last week in an interview with a Saudi newspaper.

Hussein was interviewed during an official state-visit to the Saudi kingdom last week.

A journalist from Saudi Arabia's Okaz newspaper asked Hussein: "Some people are talking about the penetration of Jewish organizations in Darfur and that there is no conflict there?"

"The Darfur issue is being fuelled by 24 Jewish organizations, who are making the largest amount of noise over the issue, and using the Holocaust in their campaigning," the Sudanese defense minister replied.

Hussein added that the Darfur conflict was driven by "friction between farmers and herders and shepherds. Among the biggest problems is that of water, which is used to exploit the differences and fuel the conflict."

"Are these Jewish groups supporting (the rebels) financially?," the interviewer from Okaz asked Hussein.

"Yes, they provide political and material support through their control over the media and across American and British circles," Hussein said, adding that Jewish groups were using "all means to fuel these conflicts."

He added that Western reports of 200,000 people dying in Sudan were false, and said: "We talk about 9,000 dead as a result of either government or rebel actions."
George Clooney was unavailable for comment.

Courage In The Face Of Adversity


Also at Ft. Hard Knox

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dishonoring Pat Tillman

Leave it to someone in the Kooky Kult of Koslam to take something legitimate and reduce it to Kosling Conspiracy Theory No.___, another example of what passes for civility within the Web's premier cesspool of progressive group-think.

We all remember Pat Tillman. He had turned down a multi-million dollar offer to play for the St. Louis Rams, choosing instead to accept a $500,000 offer to stay in Arizona and play for the Cardinals.

He became an American hero when he walked away from that contract to answer a higher calling: to serve his country, his response to 9/11.

In announcing Pat's death in 2004, the world was told that he died during an ambush in Afghanistan. I was one of the millions who watched as Pat's body was committed to the grave, in full belief that he had given the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefield in combat with an evil, maniacal enemy.

At FoxNews.com, Radley Balko reported on November 2, 2005:
We now know that Tillman died in friendly fire, shot accidentally by members of his own platoon. Soldiers interviewed in subsequent investigations have since testified that it was apparent to everyone involved that Tillman died from friendly fire the moment he was taken off the battlefield. A series of serious errors by Army commanders and Tillman’s fellow soldiers — none of them by Tillman himself — led to his unnecessary death. These events were tragic, but they certainly don’t reflect poorly on Tillman, his bravery, or his memory.

It’s also now clear that U.S. Army brass knew early on how Tillman died, but allowed alternative histories to permeate the media and sink in with Tillman’s friends and family for weeks. They even hid the truth from Tillman’s brother, who was in the same platoon, but didn’t witness Tillman’s death. He was immediately flown back to the U.S. with Tillman’s body.

Tillman’s public memorial service, held on May 3, 2004, took place a day after Army Secretary Les Brownlee was officially told of Tillman’s fratricide. There, Tillman was posthumously awarded a Silver Star in which the Army described battlefield events that clearly never happened. It wasn’t until May 28 that the Army told the Tillmans the real circumstances surrounding Pat’s death.

The [Washington] Post reports that investigations documents show this decision was not based on a sudden desire to release the truth, but because many Army Rangers would be returning over Memorial Day, and they could no longer hold fast to the Army’s version of the story.

A subsequent investigation into the cover-up of Tillman’s death found “gross negligence” among commanders of and soldiers in Tillman’s platoon, and called for stern punishments. But here it gets odder: The officer who issued that report was quickly replaced by a higher-ranking officer.

The [San Francisco] Chronicle has since discovered that since the original report was issued, soldiers and commanders were allowed to go back and change their testimony. The subsequent report is more reluctant to place blame, and calls for less severe punishment. More disturbing, the commanding officer who gave an ill-considered order to break up Tillman’s platoon — which the original report determined to be a key mistake leading to his death — was not only given an opportunity to revise his testimony to the first investigator, he was given immunity, and was allowed to disburse punishment to those below him.

One of those punished, Tillman’s platoon leader, had correctly protested the commanding officer’s order. Tillman’s platoon leader, who took shrapnel to the face during the incident, was subsequently dismissed from the Rangers.


It would have been tough for the military to concede its own ineptitude caused the death of the war on terror’s poster soldier in any setting. But just days after Tillman’s death, the Abu Ghraib scandal broke. The military was in desperate need of some good news. Recycling Tillman’s selfless bravery put torture stories on the backburner for at least a news cycle or two.

What’s tragic is that the military’s duplicity in all of this has buried the better story — what a remarkable man Tillman was. Tillman, we’ve since learned from media interviews with friends, family, and fellow soldiers, was a thinker. He defied easy classification. He was a poet, kept a journal (which vanished after his death), and subscribed to the Economist. He admired Winston Churchill, but was also interested in anti-war academic Noam Chomsky. He read Emerson and Thoreau. He wasn’t religious, but had read the Bible, the Koran, and the book of Mormon. He brought along a portable library of classic novels for his platoon pals to read.
Citing as a primary source a website that's home to nearly every conspiracy theory you've ever heard -- and many you haven't -- Kestrel9000, an asshat of the Koslamistan kind, proudly announces
We have confirmed that Tillman had arranged to meet with a leading anti-war intellectual, Noam Chomsky, upon his return stateside. One can imagine the panic in the Office of the Secretary of Defense at the vision of the much trumpeted poster-boy hero of the War on Terror returning home and speaking out against the evil charade of the War.
Confirmed what? As shown above, FoxNews ran with that information in 2005.

And other aspects of Kosling Conspiracy Theory No.___ are debunked as well. The 2005 FoxNews report concluded with
Perhaps most interestingly, Tillman opposed the war in Iraq. He’d told platoon mates he thought the war was “illegal,” and a distraction from the war on Al Qaeda, but fought in Iraq anyway, owing to a sense of duty.

We lost a complicated, interesting, fascinating guy 18 months ago, a guy who exhibited the kind of critical thinking that seems to be in short supply among the men who commanded him. They, and we, owe Tillman a lot. Truth and accountability would be a good start.
It would make for an excellent start.

Truth and accountability, the only things the Tillman family has asked for since it was disclosed that Pat died as a result of "friendly fire". Their many requests have been answered with nothing but stonewalling and a few sacrificial lambs.

Kosling Conspiracy Theory No.___ suggests that Pat Tillman was executed on the orders of either Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld; perhaps both.

I'll believe that when the Magic Kingdom welcomes Jews as tourists and allows them to tour Mecca and Medina.

There is a conspiracy in play, however. A conscious decision was made to withhold from the Tillman family the confirmation that Pat died in a "friendly fire" incident. How high up the chain of command this initially went -- and who chose to perpetuate it -- needs to be determined and publicly disclosed. There must also be revealed at what level the decision was made to erect barriers preventing the Tillman family from ascertaining what happened. And we must be told why the stonewalling continues.

I was hopeful that President Bush would address this matter during his weekly radio address today. He didn't. He talked only of the importance of revising FISA.

Mr. President, we get it, you're preaching to the freakin' choir.

Don't be surprised if some day a staff member reports that Moonbat Nation has a new chant that's mirrored on their signs:

Tillman Died And George Lied

What credibility you have remaining will further erode each day you fail or refuse to address this despicable and shameful matter.

After all, if a government is willing to lie about how a soldier died, how much trust should the people continue to invest in that same government?

Conscious decisions have been made to continue denying the one thing the family of Pat Tillman -- and many Americans -- asks for.


Also at LGF -- Ft. Hard Knox

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

So, You Want To Advertise?

Monday, possibly in response to losing JetBlue's sponsorship, the grand ayatollah took a deep breath, puffed out his cheeks and snarled at the Koslings.
There has lately been an alarming rise in diaries and comments that seek to impugn (without evidence) the motives of those they disagree with on various issues.

Yes, there’s the impeachment stuff, but this nasty rhetoric is also rampant in the primary war diaries.

This points to a serious breakdown not just on civility, but in the ability of people to properly debate various issues. As such, it presents a serious threat to the integrity of this site.
Civility, proper debate and integrity at the dailyProtocols of the Elders of Koslam. O-o-o-o-kay, like, if you say so, dood.
I much prefer it when the community moderates itself, and for the most part it does a good job of this. The libertarian in me prefers it that way.
Libertarian??? Libertarian??? Then I'm the high rabbi of Mecca, Medina and Riyadh.
But sometimes, self-moderation isn't enough. I'll act swiftly and mercilessly when I'm pushed into defending the effectiveness of this site. And at this moment, my patience is wearing thin.
You reap what you sow, kameraden.

Civility and proper debate within that cesspool of Progressive groupthink features an April 16, 2007 diary that includes a video clip from Vanguard News Network, a neo-Nazi news website owned and operated by Alex Linder.

Civility was on display April 5, 2007 when loyal Kosling Bouwerie Boy posted a nice photo for Passover.

Then we have Kosling apparatchik London Yank, writing in his dKos diary that
"Adopting exceptionalism, the major Jewish lobbies no longer sought to advance general principles of tolerance, non-discrimination or equal treatment before the law. Instead they sought narrow preferential treatment for Jews and for Israel that recognises a special status they would deny to other minorities in the American body politic.

Secretly they also mounted campaigns to suppress and harass Arab and Muslim Americans to deny them a voice in the discussion of Middle East issues and development of American foreign policies. The Jewish Defense League engaged in a campaign of terrorism in the United States that largely targeted Arab Americans and their supporters."
Then, there's the example of Kosling civility when it was announced that White House press secretary Tony Snow would be hospitalized for treatment of cancer.
"I honestly do not care if Tony Snow lives or dies. I see him as the propaganda minister for a regime that has perpetrated mass murder, sowed ethnic and religious hatred, and subverted the will of both the American people and the world community. He has used his communication skills to further the agenda of people who have dedicated themselves to nothing less than the systematic dismantling of the Constitution in the name of greed. Make no mistake – the people holding the reigns of power in this administration are evil. And Tony Snow is their front man.

Would anyone have cried if Joseph Goebbels had died a premature death? I doubt it."
Then there's this gem they tried to hide Sunday.
KILLITARY: How America's Armed Forces Create Serial Killers and Mass Murderers

by liquidman
Thu Jul 19, 2007 at 08:44:39 PM PDT

Cross-posted at In Cold Blog [since removed, ed.]

According to the July 30, 2007 issue of The Nation magazine, damning photos of a U.S. Soldier using a spoon to literally scoop out the brains of a dead Iraqi and pretending to eat the gray matter were recently acquired.

Of course, everyone is appropriately appalled and make all claims of disgust and finger-wagging. Research shows, however, that such unacceptable behavior happens more often than the United States military wants you to know.

When it comes to training killing machines, the military really does create "an Army of one."

The list of serial killers and mass murderers borne from the military is astounding.

Full Metal Jacket's proud support of UT Tower sniper Charles Whitman's marksmanship skills notwithstanding, you just aren't going to hear a whole lot about the training ground of killers that are bred to slaughter, maim, and torture and then dumped on our streets upon their return.

Here are just a few of the more memorable individuals who received the best training in the United States military and returned to prowl our country's streets and commit terrorist attacks of a different nature:

Charles Whitman - former Marine sniper who killed his wife, mother, and then proceeded to the University of Texas Tower and picked off sixteen people using his sniping skills.

Dean Corll - former Army man and serial killer known as the "Candy Man" who killed at least 27 young boys and buried them in a storage facility in Houston, Texas.

David Berkowitz AKA "The Son of Sam" - New York serial killer and former Army vet who shot and killed at least six people during the 1970s.

Jeffrey Dahmer - former Army vet and Milwaukee cannibal who murdered at least sixteen young boys and men. He performed experiments on some of the victims and ate others.

Timothy McVeigh (pictured above)- Former Gulf War Army vet responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing.


And there's more.

Charles Johnson, founder and administrator of LittleGreenFootballs, has compiled a list of what passes for civility and proper debate at the "web’s premier 'progressive' site, Daily 'Screw Them' Kos".

So, to those corporations giving thought to purchasing advertising slots on Daily Kos, you might want to give it a second thought.

It's just your corporate identity -- and integrity -- that's at stake.

PS -- Look carefully and you just might spot a Kosling.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Special Message for Bush from Kos Krazies

As if any potential future sponsors need another reason to steer clear of the cesspool that is Daily Kos, this should seal the deal.

Bush Takes it Up the A** (Not First Time Tho)
Oh, c'mon! Tell me you don't relish saying that?

The man was due! From the moment of George Bush's miserable existence, the man has been giving it to people. From the rugby player he sucker-punched from behind while in college to the 1000s of Katrina devasted Americans he drowned to our troops whose lives he destroyed (emotionally, family, mentally, financially, and literally), the man has screwed so many billions (literally) of people over that it actually feels to celebrate him taking it in butt for once.

Even if it is only for a routine colonoscopy.

Hell, this made it worth letting Dick Cheney President for a day.
Isn't that special?

Bush Back in Charge

The left can stop freaking out. Dick Cheney is no longer acting President. I was hoping he'd do something mischievous just to piss them off.

Bush reclaims power after colonoscopy
CAMP DAVID, Md. - President Bush transferred the powers of his office to Vice President Dick Cheney for more than two hours Saturday while under sedation for a colon cancer screening.

Doctors removed five small polyps during the procedure at Camp David. "None appeared worrisome," White House spokesman Scott Stanzel said. Polyps are precancerous growths in the colon.

The colonoscopy last 31 minutes. The transfer of power from Bush to Cheney covered two hours and five minutes.

The president invoked Section 3 of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution "out of an abundance of caution." Stanzel said. The amendment, approved in 1967, four years after President Kennedy was assassinated, had been used only twice before

Spawn of Goracle Charged With Drug Possession

Another inconvenient truth. Next thing you know, The Goracle and Tipper will be lecturing us about drug abuse.

Gore's son charged with drug possession
LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. - Al Gore's son was charged Friday with possessing marijuana and other drugs that authorities say were discovered in his car after he was pulled over this month for speeding.

Al Gore III, 24, is free on $20,000 bail and scheduled to be arraigned Aug. 1 in Superior Court in Laguna Niguel.

He faces two felony counts of drug possession, two misdemeanor counts of drug possession without a prescription and one misdemeanor count of marijuana possession, the district attorney's office said in a statement. Gore also was charged with a traffic infraction for allegedly driving faster than 100 miles per hour.

Prosecutors said he could be sentenced to a maximum of three years and eight months in prison if convicted on all counts, though he might be eligible for a drug treatment program instead of prison.

Kalee Kreider, a spokeswoman for Gore's parents, said the family had no comment.

The charges stem from July 4, when Orange County sheriff's deputies say they pulled Gore over for speeding.

Gore was allegedly driving a 2006 blue Toyota Prius at about 100 mph. Upon searching the car, deputies say they discovered less than an ounce of marijuana and a variety of medications — including Xanax, Valium, Vicodin and Adderall. Authorities said Gore did not have a prescription for any of those medications.
I still can't figure how he got a hunk of junk like a Prius to go 100 mph.

Nonetheless, don't expect this spoiled punk to ever do a minute of jailtime. He's the son of an elitist leftist, and they have special privileges.

Slick Feeling Guilty Over Rwanda

Well, a bit guilty, at least. This boob still claims he actually did some things to help Africa, and this fawning report does nothing to point out any actual accomplishments.

All this does is remind me of the eight years of bumbling incompetence of the Clinton Administration, and the slavish media slobbering that came with it. Lord knows how bad it may get should The Pantsuit find her way into the White House.

Bill Clinton: U.S. Must Not Ignore Africa: Former President Bill Clinton Reflects on Iraq, Africa and 'Living With' a Mistake in Rwanda
Former President Bill Clinton said the United States is making a mistake in ignoring Africa.
First of all, no president has dumped more money into Africa than George W. Bush. Despite that, he gets no credit, accolades or tributes from the left. Nothing. He could cure AIDS and the lefties will still hate him. From from the outset, Clinton is full of it.
"We have become so focused on Iraq ... almost no one is noticing that while all this is going on, not only is al Qaeda making a comeback ... but China is romancing all of Africa," he told reporters on a plane ride between the southern African nations of Malawi and Zambia.
Well, al Qaeda grew strong on your watch and your administration gave China military secrets in return for campaign contributions. Does the word Loral ring any bells? Has this "reporter" ever looked into any of that?

On his arrival, thousands of people crushed together on the side of the dirt roads, straining to catch a glimpse of the former president turned philanthropist. Many of the people he met on this day had walked for miles from the surrounding countryside.
Philanthropist? Sure, with other people's money, as usual.

Please, show me a single receipt for a single dollar this lowlife has donated to charity, and I'm not talking about tax writeoffs for his underwear.
Clinton said he was dead tired but proceeded to talk for the entire hour and a half flight to Zambia about his passions -- fighting the AIDS epidemic, encouraging development, and pondering difficult questions.

Speaking about the farmers posed a couple if those questions: "How come they're poor and I'm rich?" "Why is inequality so profound and growing?" A partial answer came when he talked about growing up in America.
You're rich because you cashed in on the presidency. It's that simple. Don't pull some lame guilt trip about inequality. Life isn't always fair.
Holding court in a beige swivel chair and munching on cheese, chicken skewers and pizza, Clinton said he was surprised by the welcome he received in Neno.
Why must we always hear what this jerk is eating? What, was there no Chilean sea bass available?
Yes, he said, he did a lot for Africa when he was president. And he is doing even more now. (And by the way, he said, he will not stop this work should his wife become president).
Please, name one thing you did for Africa.

But there is one failure that Clinton says weighs on him "all the time" -- the genocide in Rwanda.

The former president said his administration could have saved one-third of the lives lost in Rwanda if it had taken action sooner.

"We never even had a meeting," he said.
You never had a meeting because you simply didn't care. No amount of lip-biting piety can erase that, no amount of revisionist history can erase that, and no amount of sycophantic "reporting" can erase that.

You and your party are willing to let the Iraqis be slaughtered, another genocide that may well occur on the watch of a Clinton, and you simply don't care.

It's all about how much cash you can grab and how much food you can shove in your piehole.

It's all about you.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Muslim Convert Gets 10 Years for Terror Training

Surely, he'll spend his time behind bars behaving like a gentleman and will return to the streets a reformed man.

As if.

U.S. citizen gets 10 years for receiving terrorist training
A U.S. citizen convicted of receiving training at a terrorist camp alongside al-Qaida members in his efforts to help overthrow the Somali government was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison.

Daniel Joseph Maldonado, 28, a Muslim convert also known as Daniel Aljughaifi and Abu Mohammed, also received a $1,000 fine.

Maldonado admitted to traveling in December to a terrorist camp in Somalia, where he was trained to use firearms and explosives in an effort to help a group called the Islamic Courts Union topple the government and install an Islamic state. Members of al-Qaida were present at the camp.

Maldonado was captured by the Kenyan military while trying to flee Somalia in January and brought back to the United States in February.

Federal prosecutor Gary Cobe told reporters after the court hearing that the sentence was just.

"We're fighting a war against terrorism. We need to send a message that anyone who gets involved with terrorism will pay the price," he said.

Maldonado's defense attorney, Brent Newton, did not speak to reporters after the hearing.

But before the sentence was handed down, Newton said that while his client is not making excuses for what he did, he only went to Somalia and the Middle East to practice his Muslim faith in peace and not to join a terrorist group.
Sure, just happened to be wandering through Somalia. His mouthpiece apparently said this with a straight face.

Hollywood on Edge

Bad news for the in-crowd. Who knows, this could even have an effect on attendance at YearlyKos.

Sure signs are erratic behavior, an over-inflated sense of self-importance, and Charlie Sheen knocking on doors in his neighborhood, pleading for a fix.

Drug Officials Note Cocaine Shortage
Wholesale prices of cocaine have risen in more than a dozen major U.S. cities as supplies of the powerful drug have shrunk, including in high-volume markets such as Los Angeles and New York, White House drug czar John Walters said.

But the same federal report that Walters said indicates the short supply also suggests that producers might be stockpiling cocaine in South America or Mexico, perhaps waiting until the time is right to export to the United States.

The scarcity was first noted in a May report by the National Drug Intelligence Center, said Walters, who heads the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

"We've had a number of programs and a number of efforts that have done things at a level that we haven't seen before," he told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The shortage is likely the result of combined enforcement and eradication efforts in the U.S., Mexico and Colombia, the world's largest producer of cocaine, said Walters, who met with intelligence officials in El Paso this week.

The shortage has been tracked largely by sharp price increases and has existed for about two to four months, according to a four-page unclassified summary of the NDIC's findings.

There is also the possibility that cocaine once bound for the U.S. has been redirected to Europe, the report shows.
Roger Clinton was unavailable for comment.

Traditional Family Values

In the name of Mo' (pbuh), we rape, torture and murder thee, my daughter.
Two-hour rape and torture of honour killing girl

The father and uncle of honour killing victim Banaz Mahmod were jailed for life today for her murder.

Mahmod Mahmod, 54, was told he will have to serve a minimumn of 20 years while his brother Ari, 51, will have to serve at least 23 years.

Horrific details were revealed yesterday of the last hours of the young Kurdish woman murdered by her family for falling in love with the wrong man.

Banaz Mahmod, 20, was brutally raped and stamped on during a two-hour ordeal before being garotted.

One of her killers, the Old Bailey was told, was 30-year-old Mohamad Hama, who had been recruited by Banaz's father Mahmod Mahmod, 52, and his brother Ari, 51.

Both were found guilty of murder last month.

The shocking details of the killing came to light when Hama was secretly recorded talking to a friend in prison.

He admitted "slapping" and "f***ing" Banaz, who was subjected to degrading sex acts.

Hama and his friend were heard laughing as he described how she was killed in her family home in Mitcham, South London, with Ari Mahmod "supervising".

The murderers - two other suspects have fled to Iraq - had been told Banaz would be on her own.

Hama is recorded as saying: "Ari (the uncle) said there is no one there. There was someone there, Biza (her sister). The bastard lied to us."

He said of the murder: "I swear to God it took him more than two hours. Her soul and her life would not leave."

Banaz was garotted for five minutes, said Hama, but it took another half an hour for her to die.

Hama said: "The wire was thick and the soul would not just leave like that.

"We could not remove it. All in all it took five minutes (to strangle) her.

"I was kicking and stamping on her neck to get the soul out. I saw her stark naked, without wearing pants or underwear."
Maybe your eyes will be gouged out -- after you've been formally inducted as a prison queen.
Banaz's body was packed into a suitcase and buried in a garden in Birmingham, where it was found three months later.

The trial of the two brothers heard that Banaz was killed because she had walked out of an unhappy arranged marriage - which she was forced into at just 17 - and fallen in love with Iranian Kurd Rahmat Suleimani, 28.

The pair had been secretly seeing each other, but her family were furious when they found out because Mr Suleimani was not "immediate family" or a strict Muslim.

Terrified, Banaz wrote to police naming people she said were planning to kill her.
Unfortunately, there's much more.

Neither Keith Ellison or CAIR's resident fatboy were available for spinning comment.

Ron Paul: President of the Wackos

Boy, the nutcases will be frothing over this one.

'NYT': Ron Paul for President -- Of the 'Wackos'?
A feature piece in this coming Sunday's New York Times Magazine on Republican candidate for president, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, portrays his followers as including a wild mix of "wackos" on both ends of the political spectrum. Paul, a libertarian, has been gaining media and public attention of late.

The cover line reads: "A Genuine Radical for President." The headline inside: "The Antiwar, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Drug-Enforcement-Administration, Anti-medicare Candidacy of Dr. Ron Paul."

The article closes with the author, Christopher Caldwell, attending a Ron Paul Meetup in Pasadena. The co-host, Connie Ruffley of United Republicans of California, admits she once was a member of the radical right John Birch Society and when she asks for a show of hands "quite a few" attendees reveal that they were or are members, too. She refers to Sen. Dianne Feinstein as "Fine-Swine" and attacks Israel, pleasing some while others "walked out."
Via Hot Air.

The Glitter Is More Like Pyrite Than Gold

Obama Unplugged

Let's start with the ending: Barack Obama has just finished giving a stump speech to around 200 residents of Washington, D.C.'s impoverished Anacostia neighborhood. Wednesday's speech covered basic principles and dealt with poverty and wealth. Obama has said just about everything a candidate who wants to win the poor vote needs to say, delivering each speech with a healthy serving of what campaign managers call "soul food."

But the applause at the end is miserable. It begins in the first row, where the local dignitaries are sitting. It drags itself over to rows four and five, where a huddle of apathetic young people are lolling around. It struggles to reach row 14 at the back of the room. The man at the podium, who was earlier hailed as the "next president of the United States of America," is surrounded by silence as he departs. The applause doesn't even carry as far as backstage. His shoes make a clicking sound on the wooden floor.

The crowd gathered in the small lecture hall of the Town Hall Education Art and Recreation Center, less than 10 miles from the White House, was not merciless in its reaction, just honest. The senator from Illinois is recognizably not the product which he is being sold as. At the beginning he was described as a rising African-American star. That was back when people were still being modest. Then the political marketing people reached up onto the top shelf, and started referring to him as the new Kennedy, the new Martin Luther King Jr., the first black president.
And he remains Senator Thunderthighs' worst nightmare.

... Obama does exactly what populists like to do most: He compares apples and oranges. A kids project in Harlem that he would like to see extended across America costs $46 million a year -- the kind of money that is spent in just one morning in the Iraq war, he says. Let's invest this money better, he calls out to the audience. The applause speaks for the effectiveness of these kinds of comparisons. But it also speaks against the candidate.

Buying toys instead of weapons is the surest way for America to lose its status as a superpower. The conflict with an aggressive Islam could not be won in this way. Naturally Obama knows this -- that's why in an article for Foreign Affairs he writes that in his opinion the US military urgently needs to be "revitalized." That means more money, more soldiers and more ground forces -- he suggests an increase of around 100,000 men and women. "A strong military is, more than anything, necessary to sustain peace," he writes.
Get ready, Ron Paul. You're about to inherit the nutroots.
But Foreign Affairs is hardly daily reading in America's poorest neighborhoods. The lack of education bemoaned by Obama the social policy specialist renders valuable services to Obama the foreign policy expert.

The candidate proceeds on the basis that no one in the audience is capable of mental arithmetic. After all, if his speech became government policy tomorrow, then the new president would have to head straight to the International Monetary Fund the next day to ask for a loan.
Not neccessarily. Madame Botox and Harriet Reid will celebrate winning the revolution by including in the budget bill, a minimum 35% reduced-index tax rate on individuals and small businesses; a Progressive tax, so to speak.
Obama is demanding what the Republicans call "big government," a free-spending state. He promises to bring in socialized medicine without mentioning how he will finance it. He wants to found an American bank for the poor based on the concept of the World Bank, he wants to give money to after-school centers and transform the minimum wage into a real living wage, which would automatically increase with any rise in inflation.

Italy had this "mobile scale" for decades. It proved to be a unique program for devaluing the currency, which is why the Italian politicians were so unsentimental in ditching the lira for the euro.
There's much, much more.

JetBlue Dumps Kos, Hilarity Ensues

Poor little Kos.

The irony is, the comments tell you all you need to know why sponsoring his lunacy is a very bad idea.

Bush Signs Executive Order on Interrogation

Hmm. Convenienetly timed before Dick Cheney takes over.

Bush Alters Rules for Interrogations
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush signed an executive order governing interrogation of terrorism suspects, prohibiting cruel and inhumane treatment, humiliation or denigration of prisoners' religious beliefs.

The White House declined to say whether the CIA currently has a detention and interrogation program, but said if it did, it must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the executive order. The order targets captured al-Qaida terrorists who have information on attack plans or the whereabouts of the group's senior leaders.

"Last September, the president explained how the CIA's program had disrupted attacks and saved lives, and that it must continue on a sound legal footing," White House press secretary Tony Snow said. "The president has insisted on clear legal standards so that CIA officers involved in this essential work are not placed in jeopardy for doing their job—and keeping America safe from attacks."

The executive order was the result of legislation Bush signed in October that authorized military trials of terrorism suspects, eliminated some of the rights defendants are usually guaranteed under U.S. law, and authorized continued harsh interrogations of terror suspects.
Many restrictions, it appears, but still expect the nutroots to go insane.

FBI Probes NBA Referee

Hey, maybe the Knick's were not that bad afterall.

FBI probes allegations NBA ref bet on games he worked
NEW YORK -- The FBI is investigating allegations that a veteran NBA referee bet on basketball games over the past two seasons, including ones in which he officiated.

According to a law enforcement official, authorities are examining whether the referee made calls to affect the point spread in games on which he or associates had wagered.
If this is true, and they can prove this guy made calls to affect points, we got trouble with a capital "T". A lot of professional sports revolves around gambling in one form or another, but it all depends on the games themselves being honest.

I wonder how many Knick's games this ref worked...

The lunatics at the PuffHost blame Bush. Naturally.

UPDATE: The referee's name is Tim Donaghy, and he has apparently already resigned from the NBA. Assuming he was connected to any wise guys, the authorities need to get him someplace safe and away from windows.

Obama Gives Genocide a Thumbs Up

Democrats didn't care about genocide in Southeast Asia post-Vietnam, why should they care now?

Obama: Don't Stay in Iraq Over Genocide
SUNAPEE, N.H. (AP) - Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama said Thursday the United States cannot use its military to solve humanitarian problems and that preventing a potential genocide in Iraq isn't a good enough reason to keep U.S. forces there.

"Well, look, if that's the criteria by which we are making decisions on the deployment of U.S. forces, then by that argument you would have 300,000 troops in the Congo right now—where millions have been slaughtered as a consequence of ethnic strife—which we haven't done," Obama said in an interview with The Associated Press.

"We would be deploying unilaterally and occupying the Sudan, which we haven't done. Those of us who care about Darfur don't think it would be a good idea," he said.

Obama, a first-term senator from Illinois, said it's likely there would be increased bloodshed if U.S. forces left Iraq.

"Nobody is proposing we leave precipitously. There are still going to be U.S. forces in the region that could intercede, with an international force, on an emergency basis," Obama said between stops on the first of two days scheduled on the New Hampshire campaign trail. "There's no doubt there are risks of increased bloodshed in Iraq without a continuing U.S. presence there."
Nobody is proposing we leave precipitously? Huh? What about the endless calls for immediate withdrawal?

What a moron.

Cheney to Assume Presidential Powers

A little something to drive the moonbats over the edge.

Bush to Have Colonoscopy at Camp David
President Bush will undergo a routine colonoscopy Saturday and temporarily hand presidential powers over to Vice President Dick Cheney, the White House said.

Press secretary Tony Snow told reporters Friday that Bush will have the procedure done at his Camp David, Md., mountaintop retreat.
UPDATE: The lovely folks at the Huffington Post are enjoying this.
EnuffsEnuffAlready (See profile | I'm a fan of EnuffsEnuffAlready)
This puts Cheney "temporarily" in charge? As if he ever wasn't!

If they find that Bush has cancer and has only weeks to live...and that Cheney will soon be sworn in, I'm going to go out and drink a quart of battery acid.
| posted 01:06 pm on 07/20/2007
NEW expand collapse yando (See profile | I'm a fan of yando)

Is a colonoscopy really necessary
to see that Bush is full of shit?
Just wondering.

Rocket Launcher Found in Jersey City

This is rather disturbing.

Feds Seize Rocket Launcher In N.J.
A Jersey City woman made a shocking discovery on her lawn this morning when she noticed a military rocket launcher lying in the grass.

Niranjana Besai was leaving her house at 88 Nelson Street, to go to work at just after 8 a.m. when she saw the launcher on her front lawn. She immediately called police.

Besai's neighbor, Joe Quinn saw her pointing at the equipment from her front porch. When he walked over to the six-foot-long weapon, he was just as shocked. “It looked like a bazooka,” he told CBS 2 News.

Quinn tells CBS 2 HD he originally thought the launcher was just a pipe, but after noticing it had a picture of a soldier on it, he realized it looked similar to a missile launcher he'd seen on television.
Keith Olbermann questions the timing.

Israel Suicide Watch

You really must wonder what the thought process is here.

Prisoners released include members of Hamas, Jihad
Ziad Abu Ayn, director of prisoner affairs in the Palestinian Authority said Friday that among the 255 prisoners released are 30 members of Hamas and two members of the Islamic Jihad.

The Palestinian Authority, he told Ynet, does not distinguish between prisoners: "they are all our prisoners, all our sons." The PA, he added, is proud of the fact that prisoners affiliated with Hamas and Jihad are among the released.

Ayn's words are the first official statement made regarding the prisoners' affiliations. So far, the majority of prisoners were believed to be of Fatah, with about 15 percents of them of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Democtaric Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP).

The prisoners, who left Ketziot prison in the early hours of Friday morning, have made there way to the Bitunia checkpoint, where – once over on the Palestinian side - they are to be greeted by top Palestinian officials, including president Mahmoud Abbas.

According to the guidelines approved earlier in the week by a special Israeli governmental committee headed by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, the prisoners release [sic] do not have any "blood on their hands".
Give them time.

Pentagon to Pantsuit: Shut the Hell Up

The Pentagon has told a very haggard Mrs. Clinton she needs to shut up. Finally, someone has stood up to this obnoxious witch.
The Pentagon told Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton that her questions about how the U.S. plans to eventually withdraw from Iraq boosts enemy propaganda.

In a stinging rebuke to a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Undersecretary of Defense Eric Edelman responded to questions Clinton raised in May in which she urged the Pentagon to start planning now for the withdrawal of American forces.

A copy of Edelman's response, dated July 16, was obtained Thursday by The Associated Press.

"Premature and public discussion of the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq reinforces enemy propaganda that the United States will abandon its allies in Iraq, much as we are perceived to have done in Vietnam, Lebanon and Somalia," Edelman wrote.

He added that "such talk understandably unnerves the very same Iraqi allies we are asking to assume enormous personal risks."

Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines called Edelman's answer "at once outrageous and dangerous," and said the senator would respond to his boss, Defense Secretary Robert Gates.
Ooooh, I'm telling!

Judging by the above picture, it looks like it's time for The Pantsuit to get another makeover.

Now she responds.
Clinton responded Friday in a letter to Edelman's boss, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, asking if he agreed with Edelman's charge.

She said Edelman had ducked her questions and "instead made spurious arguments to avoid addressing contingency planning."

"Undersecretary Edelman has his priorities backward," Clinton wrote, calling his claim "outrageous and dangerous."

She repeated her request for a briefing — classified if necessary — on the issue of end-of-war planning.

The senator's spokesman Philippe Reines said: "We sent a serious letter to the Secretary of Defense, and unacceptably got a political response back."
These two need to go soak their heads.

Leftwing Lunatics Vow to Cut Iraq Funding

The cream of the loony left crop join together, desperate to surrender.

Liberals Vow to Block Continued Iraq Funding
Seventy House members, nearly all liberal Democrats, vowed today that they would not support any more funding for Iraq military operations unless tied to a complete withdrawal of combat troops.

This is a big development. Earlier this year, liberals grudgingly voted for Iraq funding bills because they didn't want to give Nancy Pelosi a defeat. Now it seems that their patience has run out.
It's the usual litany of losers, America-haters, miscreants and twits, all far-left fringe.

Also included is the nutroots' favorite Republican, Ron Paul.

What a shock.

Well, There They Go Again

Although Old Europe wet its panties, New Europe is relatively unfazed by the recent bluff and bluster of Soviet Russian president Vladimir Paranoid.
Russia backs out of arms treaty

Russia’s decision to withdraw from a Cold War–era weapons treaty is directly tied to plans to host part of the U.S. missile-defense system in the Czech Republic, one analyst says.

“Russia feels threatened,” said Vít Beneš, a researcher at Prague’s Institute of International Relations. “I think the link is quite clear. … Russia is trying probably to blackmail Europe.”

The 1990 Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) agreement restricts the arms member countries can amass and was a major factor in bringing the Cold War to a close.

On July 13, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree withdrawing Russia. According to a statement released through Russia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry July 14, the pullout resulted from “exceptional circumstances” and will take effect in 150 days.
Exceptional circumstances such as cancelling elections, Putie?

Despite its role in Russia’s decision, the Czech Republic will not react on its own, said Defense Ministry spokesman Andrej Círtek. “We will negotiate our reaction as a member of NATO,” he said. “There won’t be any individual reaction on the part of one member country.”



Despite the symbolism of Russia’s decision, it is unlikely to threaten the Czech Republic and other NATO members, at least in the short term, Beneš said. “It’s more about rhetoric than about a real security threat.”
Pssst, Putie! Those upstart Czechs are telling you to STFU -- again.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Democrats Kill 'John Doe'

These people really are disgusting. Not only do they want to surrender to the terrorists on the battlefield, but now if you report suspicious activity, the Democrats have made it easier for you to be sued.

Democrats cut 'John Doe' provision
Congressional Democrats today failed to include a provision in homeland security legislation that would protect the public from being sued for reporting suspicious behavior that may lead to a terrorist attack, according to House Republican leaders.

"This is a slap in the face of good citizens who do their patriotic duty and come forward, and it caves in to radical Islamists," said Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican and ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Republicans wanted the provision included in final legislation, crafted yesterday during a House and Senate conference committee, that will implement final recommendations from the September 11 commission.

Mr. King and Rep. Steve Pearce, New Mexico Republican, sponsored the provision after a group of Muslim imams filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against US Airways and unknown "John Doe" passengers. The imams were removed from US Airways Flight 300 on Nov. 20 after fellow passengers on the Minneapolis-to-Phoenix flight complained about the imams' suspicious behavior.

On March 27, the House approved the "John Doe" amendment on a 304-121 vote.

"Democrats are trying to find any technical excuse to keep immunity out of the language of the bill to protect citizens, who in good faith, report suspicious activity to police or law enforcement," Mr. King said. "I don't see how you can have a homeland security bill without protecting people who come forward to report suspicious activity."

While the conference is not likely to meet again, Mr. King noted the conference report has not been written and says he will continue discussions with Sen. Joe Lieberman, Connecticut independent and chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, to insert the "John Doe" language.

Sen. Susan Collins, Maine Republican and ranking member of the committee, announced afterward she will attempt to attach a similar bill to an education measure currently under debate on the Senate floor.
The Democrat Party. Fighting tooth and nail to make you less safe.

More from Michelle Malkin, Riehl World View, Atlas Shrugs, Wake Up America.

What, These are for Learning?

On the upside, at least they weren't sending spam email.

Nigerian pupils browse porn on donated laptops
Nigerian schoolchildren who received laptops from a U.S. aid organisation have used them to explore pornographic sites on the Internet, the official News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported on Thursday.

NAN said its reporter had seen pornographic images stored on several of the children's laptops.

"Efforts to promote learning with laptops in a primary school in Abuja have gone awry as the pupils freely browse adult sites with explicit sexual materials," NAN said.

A representative of the One Laptop Per Child aid group was quoted as saying that the computers, part of a pilot scheme, would now be fitted with filters.
Filters are on the way. Won't the kids be thrilled.

Soul Searching by Oil Ticks

The funny part about this Reuters dispatch is it suggests that these Saudi scumbags actually have souls.

Saudis at Iraq, Lebanon battles embarrass homeland

Obviously, having 15 of the 19 9/11 monsters coming from Saudi Arabia wasn't sufficient embarrassment, now they're exporting a good portion of the jihadists to Iraq and Lebanon.

Don't buy their BS for a nanosecond.
RIYADH, July 19 (Reuters) - Recent reports suggesting there are significant numbers of Saudis fighting alongside Islamist militant groups in Iraq and Lebanon have provoked embarrassment and soul-searching in Saudi Arabia.

Iraq's National Security Advisor Mowaffak al-Rubaie said this week that Iraq had tried 160 Saudis for involvement in violence, and a report in a U.S. newspaper said 45 percent of foreigners fighting in Iraq were Saudis.

Lebanese officials say dozens of Saudis are among militants of the Fatah al-Islam militant group which has been battling the army for two months in a Palestinian refugee camp in north Lebanon. The Saudi-owned Arabic press has countered the reports, citing officials who say the numbers are exaggerated in both Iraq and Lebanon.

Columnists are once again wrestling with the issue of the Saudi role in global Islamist militancy, an issue which first came up after the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001 where 15 of the 19 attackers were Saudi nationals.

"The question raised since the 9/11 terrorist attacks is whether Saudis, once known as the most peace-loving people, are aware that they have become an international problem?" wrote Abdel-Rahman al-Rashed in Asharq al-Awsat newspaper this week. "Why Saudis, we may ask? Because they are mentally and politically prepared to act like time bombs that can be manipulated by regimes with dangerous political agendas."