Friday, April 15, 2011

But They're Just Paying Their Fair Share, Chuckie

Sudden concern for consumers

This schmuck never met a tax hike he didn't embrace, never met a proposed tax cut he didn't demagogue and has helped oversee the largest expansion of an intrusive federal government this nation has ever seen.

So all of a sudden he's feigning outrage over some utility increase? Hey, Chuckie, in case you haven't noticed the price of everything has gone up while you and the Democrats have been in charge, so shut your piehole and deal with it.
Sen. Chuck Schumer yesterday posed four tough questions to operators of the state's private power generating plants -- as consumers and politicians battle shocking rate increases the companies are planning for this summer.

The furious political leaders want to reverse a boost of 12 to 14 percent for New York City residents authorized by the asleep-at-the-switch Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which ignored big property-tax breaks that some of the firms get.

"These power companies owe New Yorkers clear and unambiguous answers why, on top of massive tax breaks, they also need massive rate hikes that will sock energy consumers," Schumer told The Post.
As someone who's never held a job outside the public sector, Schumer clearly has no understanding how business works. These companies don't simply create energy for nothing and decide to gouge consumers. They purchase a product and in order to stay in business sell it at a higher rate in order to make a profit. If this knuckle-dragging mouth-breather ever gets a clue it'll be the first time.
"While I realize that there are legitimate costs that need to be considered when building new generation facilities in the city, I think it is unconscionable for generators to go before FERC and argue for rates that amount to winning the lottery," Schumer wrote.
Perhaps New Yorkers ought to think twice the next time this tool is on the ballot. But hey, they're the chumps who just gave him another six years.


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