Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Chuckle of the Day: Pataki Still Not Ruling Out Presidential Run

If it weren't for these blind items popping up every few months it's unlikely most people would know George Pataki is still alive.
Former Gov. George Pataki held a secretive lunch with supporters yesterday, fueling speculation that he might make a 2012 run for president. Pataki and five friends met in a private room at restaurant Solo in Midtown. His rep said, "It was not a fund-raiser. He got together with some friends and supporters . . . They did talk about politics, they talked about the future." As for a presidential run? "He's going to look at the field and look at what he's got going on, and make a decision based on those facts. He certainly hasn't ruled it out." But a source said, "His name is really low on the chatter list."
To be really low on the chatter list it would imply at least someone other than Pataki himself is talking about him. Memo to George: There's zero chatter.

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David said...

If Pataki wanted to impress me, he would have runand won for NY Senator or Governor this past election cycle.  Alas, another RINO.