Friday, April 15, 2011

Detroit Rock (Bottom) City

For the past several decades, a plethora of Democratic politicians and the UAW have teamed up to drive the once-thriving city of Detroit straight into the crapper.

Now that the city has finally achieved de facto Third World status, its few remaining residents are increasingly desperate to try anything to reverse their sad economic decline.

Short of electing conservatives or standing up to the UAW, of course. That's just crazy talk! Unlike legalizing pot and prostitution - now there's a perfectly sane idea!
Could Detroit be the new Amsterdam -- a city where prostitution and marijuana are both legalized to help attract young people and turn the troubled city’s prospects around?

Why not, barrister and occasional mayoral candidate Geoffrey Fieger said during a taping of “Michigan Matters” on what he would do if he walked in Detroit Mayor Dave Bing’s shoes and tried to address the city’s woes.

“I could turn it around in five minutes,” Fieger said.

“I’d shovel the snow and I’d clean the streets and parks. Then, I’d tell the police department to leave marijuana alone and don’t spend one dime trying to enforce marijuana laws. I also would not enforce prostitution laws and I’d make us the new Amsterdam.”

“We would attract young people,” Fieger said. “You make Detroit a fun city. A place they want to live and they would flock here.”
Hey, they might as well make murder and aggravated assault legal too while they're at it. Just imagine the fun times! Nobody would ever have to worry about getting arrested, and remember - all those would-be criminals do have to spend their money somewhere.

Why not make it Detroit?

If that doesn't work it may be time to consider bulldozing the entire city.

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uncledan said...

How do you reply to an article like this? How do you address such Leftwing insanity? All I can do is facepalm and shake my head.

paul a'barge said...

Come on, you're just doing this to give prostitution and pot-smoking a bad name.

Libertarians can give great arguments all day long for legalizing prostitution and pot. Why inject Detroit into the argument?

rich b said...

Only a democrap would come up with such a solution. And what self-respecting hooker would walk/work the streets of Detroit at night considering the crime rates. And unless I miss my guess, Pot is already a big seller in Detroit. Along with crack, meth, heroin and a host of other drugs. Yeah, leaving the Pimps and drug dealers alone would be a great solution.

Amazing they would even consider this. Then again look at the recent Mayors who ran Detroit into the ground - see anything familiar other than the in common thugocracy? They're all demorats. As far as Dave Bing, he's famous for having the biggest feet in the NBA back in the seventies - not his political expertise.

And don't EVER expect the UAW to concede to running the American auto industry into the ground. Nope, it was the Japanese and poor management by the big three that finished off Detroit as a major city. Ask the UAW, just ask em.

Detroit was once famous for the jobs, cars, and music. Now it's a world-class joke and mostly an urban pile of shit. Thanks again for the memories demorats. You've destroyed a once vibrant American city with your politics and cronyism. And unless I miss my guess the great majority of Detroit citizens will still vote democreep. Stupid people never learn. That's why they're stupid.

srdem65 said...

So, drawing drug-addled slackers and horny guys to visit his city is his answer to urban decay and blight.  That's almost funny.