Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Don't Piss On My Boots and Tell Me It's Raining

Seems like it was just yesterday that Barry O was taking to the airwaves and threatening to veto a stop gap budget measure proposed by the Republicans in the House of Representatives which would have funded the military for the remainder of fiscal year 2011 but included cuts to other programs near and dear to the dear leaders' heart. His threat of a veto along with the cowardly Democrat controlled senate led by Cowboy Poetry Harry Reid is what led to all the drama last week over a possible government shut down.

Well now this week the Obama clan is on an all out charm offensive to show the military how much they love them and care about them and how Michelle wants to be their mommy.

This is pretty disgusting and if they think the military families are going to be swayed by their efforts to place them into another one of their liberal victim classes they got another think coming.

I don't think there is anybody serving in our armed forces who for one second believe that any Democrat, much less the Obama's care one bit about them. With the official announcement of his reelection bid he has gone into full campaign mode. I wonder if Michelle will remember to leave her $2,000 dollar shoes and hand bags at home when she makes her appearances?

With Obambi being compared more and more often to that peanut farmer from the south let's hope his reelection bid follows the same pattern.

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