Friday, April 08, 2011

Eleanor Holmes Norton: Government Shutdown is Like "Bombing Innocent Civilians"

Allrighty, then.

So in this analogy is Barack Obama still the Commander-in-Chief? Just wondering.

There is so much ignorance in this clip it's not even worth commenting on. But I figured you might enjoy the spectacle of watching Norton foam at the mouth for a few minutes over the prospect of a federal government shutdown.

Of course, she makes the obligatory nod towards the "new tone" that is sweeping the Beltway - by suggesting her constituents tell Congress to "go straight to hell!"

Via Breitbart.



Carole said...

I am struck by her professionalism.  HA!!

Anonymous said...

Best part of video was the signoff..."My pleasure!"  Priceless.

Ed Watts said...

Such a pleasant lady; it's easy to tell that she smiles very little.  I'm sure that, despite her salary and perks which are not performance-based, her life is miserable.  She deserves it.

Take heart; at least there is still enough wisdom in congress to keep her from being eligible to vote on anything.