Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Good Use of Taxpayer Funded Union Dues

In yet another example of how unions and the world of academia endear themselves to the taxpayers of this country we have this story of a "custodial engineer" in of course New York who managed to bilk the taxpayers out of thousands of dollars. And will continue to do so.
The new probe found that Radef also profited from a no-show gig that paid him at least $70,000 between 2007 and 2010 for more than 3,000 hours when he clearly wasn’t at work, judging from E-Z pass records obtained by Special Commissioner of Investigation Richard Condon.

"To me what stands out is the length of time and the number of people [implicated] and the various ways in which Radef profited," Condon told The Post. "You wonder why no supervisor ever picked up on this."

If you read the article you will see no mention of unions, but even though I am government school educated I have learned how to add 2 + 2. You see in NYC you don't get the job unless you join the union and the union for "custodial engineers" is Local 891. Their web site proudly proclaims they put children first.

The taxpayers of NYC are not off the hook either if what we have learned about public sector unions because of the fiasco in Wisconsin is any indicator. You see the guy who perpetrated the fraud retired. That probably means the taxpayers will continue to pay his cadillac retirement benefits even if he goes to jail.
The report says Truman HS custodial engineer Nicanor "Nick" Fernandez signed the bogus work checks but it wasn’t clear if he pocketed any of the profits. He retired in December.

In 2003 Mr Radef made $170,145 working as a janitor. And he wasn't even the highest paid janitor that year. Who knows what he was making prior to this becoming public.

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Danishova said...

This gives new meaning to the Justice for Janitors movement run by their union comrades at the SEIU.