Sunday, April 03, 2011

'I’m Not a Teacher. I’m a Warden for Future Criminals'

When you're a teacher in the inner city, it's probably best to not express your true feelings on Facebook. I can't get too upset by this. These twits from the NJEA protect their own, so let them fend for themselves.
A Paterson elementary school teacher is on administrative leave with pay after community members complained that she called her students "future criminals" in a Facebook post, according to school officials.

The president of the Paterson branch of the NAACP said he contacted district Superintendent Donnie Evans on Tuesday when a resident told him a teacher had written on Facebook, "I’m not a teacher. I’m a warden for future criminals."

"First, I thought it was a joke," said Kenneth Clayton of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s Paterson branch. "I couldn’t believe any adult would act that stupid, would have a perception of our children that’s so demeaning and negative."

The teacher has a first-grade class at Public School 21. Principal Frank Puglise said she was placed on leave, but he would not provide details on the alleged incident.

She "is not working and is on administrative leave with pay and the matter is under investigation," Puglise said.

He referred all other questions to the district offices. District communications director Terry Corallo confirmed a teacher was on leave but refused further comment.

Theodore Best, the school board president, said a "significant" number of parents, having seen the posts Wednesday, arrived at the school to remove their children from the teacher’s class.

Today, parents retrieving their children at dismissal said they were dumbfounded, angered and disheartened by the alleged comments. They also labeled the alleged incident shocking and unprofessional and said the teacher is unfit to remain in the classroom.

"Our children were disturbed by those comments," said Vickie L. White-Franklin, whose 7-year-old daughter was in the class. "They will grow up thinking they’ve already been labeled as a criminal."
I doubt the 7-year-olds have any idea what's going on, but let this serve as a lesson to the parents. Most of these "educators" care only about their paychecks, benefits and vacation time.

I'd give props to the NAACP for being outraged, but where were they when an NJEA official wished death upon Governor Christie last year?


srdem65 said...

I may assume that this school is in NewJersey because of the reference to GovChristie.
I may also assume that the students assailed by their teacher are Black.
I then conclude that the NAACP has issued it's standard racist response because the teacher is White and the students are Black.

uncledan said...

What no one wants to face here is the possibility that the teacher is telling the truth.

ck said...

Truth hurts.

Aaron said...

Um, no.  This could just as easily be a frustrated teacher who wants to see these kids have a better life but has almost no real influence on the matter. 

Honestly, I don't know where you got "paychecks, benefits and vacation time" out of that.  The teacher points out that many students receive almost no discipline and hence act wild in school; how, exactly, is that wrong? 

Yes, there are some jaded teachers who are only in it for the financial perks and time off, but there are many of us who are in it because we love what we teach.  Just because a teacher occassionally bitches about the job does not mean they are worthless.  I would like to see you deal with the offspring of every element of America without occassionally registering a complaint like the teacher you've already condemned!