Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Latest Target For Enemies of Happy Meals: Fun City

Self-appointed Happy Meal Czar

This guy sounds like Mike Bloomberg on steroids.
In an attempt to address epidemic childhood obesity, City Councilman Leroy Comrie is introducing legislation that would prohibit toy giveaways at fast food joints unless the meals meet certain nutritional requirements.

"Prohibiting fast food restaurants from giving out toys with highly unhealthy meals will reduce the allure of such establishments for children while hopefully incentivizing the fast food industry to provide their customers with healthier and more nutritious options," Comrie said in a statement.

"While I recognize that ensuring that children have access to, and eat more, nutritious meals is ultimately the responsibility of their caretakers, the City Council can empower parents by making it harder for the fast food industry to target children with predatory marketing techniques."

The idea is producing a grimace (sorry, I had to!) from the Golden Arches.

Mason Smoot, VP and General Manager of the chain's New York Metro region, said in a statement that "Taking away toys from kids’ meals won’t solve childhood obesity. Nutrition experts and parents agree. In a national survey of U.S. moms, 83% say that banning toys from kids’ meals is NOT an effective way to deal with this important issue."
But hey, when has an overwhelming consensus deterred a Democrat from interfering in our lives? Comrie's got it all figured out.
His proposed bill would prohibit restaurants from distributing toys or other knickknacks geared toward children in meals that have more than 500 calories, 600 milligrams of sodium and 35 percent of calories from fat, excluding nuts, seeds and nut butters.
It's funny how one day we read about an obesity epidemic then the next how kids are going to be starved due to government budget cuts. Then we're lectured by a guy who looks like he's polished off thousands of Happy Meals during his life.


uncledan said...

Um, has this guy looked in the mirror lately? Seems like someone has a WHOLE ROOM full of toys that came with Happy Meals...

Ern said...

The New York Daily News has an even more embarrassing picture of Comrie on their website (the Local link), and notes that he probably weighs in excess of three-hundred pounds.

aquila6 said...

Seems to me like all of the McDonald's restaurants need to ban this fat-ass from ever eating there.

FrankG said...

apparently, the camera adds a lotta weight in the pic. Or not, maybe he's just a fat fucking demagogue with no self awareness? Or maybe the camera adds a lotta weight. You decide

gaultfalcon said...

Just what we need.  Another fattie telling us he's going to save us from being fat.