Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Media Memo of the Day: Obama Moves to the Center, Liberals Worried

For a guy slightly to the right of Chairman Mao, his moving to the center would be a decades-long journey.

Who are they kidding with this tripe? All of a sudden the most far left president in our history is going to head fake to the center and we're supposed to believe it?
Anxiety over President Obama’s shift to the political center is threatening to alienate the White House’s liberal base.

As Obama prepares Wednesday to outline his deficit reduction strategy, liberals worry he’ll embrace Medicare and Medicaid cuts as an olive branch to Republicans in advance of larger fights over the nation’s debt.

The concerns have surfaced after the White House rankled lawmakers on the left by agreeing to a 2011 spending bill that slashes funding for a number of programs long favored by Democrats and embracing a controversial trade agreement with Colombia.

Liberal lawmakers already were irked with Obama’s decision to support upper-income tax cuts he campaigned against and to launch military operations in the Middle East without congressional approval.

Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) this week said Obama should start acting like a Democrat, while two left-wing grassroots groups warned their members could withhold funds from the president’s reelection campaign.
If they had any guts and were so concerned then they'd go out and draft someone more to their liking to run in the primaries against Obama.

Good luck with that.

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