Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quayle/Palin in 2012

Will she or won't she? That seems to be the burning question and while liberals want her in the race so they can open fire with everything they got on her there are just as many Republicans who fear Sarah Palin.

Here is the entire 15 minute speech that Sarah Palin gave this weekend in Madison, WI. It is worth watching since it provides something for everyone, but also because it is important to see it in it's entirety and not just view the quickie soundbites.

She was particularly effective comparing candidate Obama's words to President Obama's actions.

For quite a while now I have thought that Ms Palin is best suited in the role of giving speeches such as this and using her power to bring attention to issues more then her ability as a candidate. Her plain outspokenness is her greatest asset. Unrestrained by political insiders who work to make a politician's speech nuanced, she can strike a chord in the American people that they can rally around.

I can not come to a firm decision on the ability of Sarah to wage a successful campaign, but I definitely believe in her power to focus Americans on issues. Her greatest power maybe the ability to take all the attention and focus from the 'declared' candidates while conservatives continue to survey the horizon looking for the cavalry to come charging over the hill to save the day. I will say that I am less then excited about any of the candidates that are in the race so far.

What I like about Ms Palin is in spite of all of the withering criticism and scrutiny and vicious attacks that not only her but her family has had to endure she refuses to back down. There is something to be said for strength of character. This is the same trait exhibited by Rep West (R-FL).

Anyway watch the entire video. It is 15 minutes well spent.

BTW I still want to put out a name from the past who just might be the person to lead the cavalry charge: Dan Quayle.
Here is former VP Quayle with Megyn Kelly from April of 2010 discussing the role of the Tea Party and their impact on politics.

Quayle is the statesman and Palin is the grizzly. I would love to see the chemistry between the two.


Arnoldo Aleman said...

"viscous attacks"

I'm sure you meant "vicious" said...


rich b said...

<span><span>Being the arrogant, condescending, patronizing, scoundrels, and trash that they are, the lamestream media and & progressives (redundancy check) would probably start salivating like Pavlovian dogs at the thought of debates against Palin and Quayle. This would be a very serious underestimation IMHO.  
I don't particularly care for Dan Quayle but my feeling is Sarah Palin would probably mop up the floor with Omama unless they allow the use of teleprompters with pre-programmed questions and the answers. </span>  
<span>And It's a glaringly known fact that Omama is NOT too quick on the draw when caught off guard with a real question, something the lamestream media hasn't ever seemed to be able to toss at him. Could the press be biased against/for ___________</span><span>? You fill in the blank line. </span><span>Bias? What liberal bias?</span><span>  
<span>In an honest debate Sarah would own Omama's skinny little ass faster than a New York minute. You can bet Omama lives in fear of a real debate with a living human being. He might do okay against someone dead though. The deceased seem to have been pretty good about voting for the demorats in the past so why not take advantage of the dead voters of the party again. </span>  
<span>Just remember how handy the dead were in 1960. Oh what a year for the party!. Remember Kennedy vs Nixon? The dead were the swing vote in Illinois (especially Chicago) and they might, just might, be a factor again. BTW, isn't Omama from Chicago? </span>  
<span>And how fortunate the democreeps are to have Rahm Emanual as Mayor at just the right time in 2012. Think of the nasty little tricks they could pull off this time with a creep like Rahm running Chi-Town. Talk about good luck. It just scares me how fortunate the democreeps seem to be. It's almost like someone is .... dare I say it ... cheating. It boggles the mind.