Monday, April 18, 2011

Special Comment: Olbermann Gets His Cupp-uppance

This is a real treat.

No doubt Olbermann will feel about three feet tall after one of his Twitter fanboys brings this to his attention.

Via The Blaze.


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rich b said...

Olberman will do one of two things in the next few days. He'll either just ignore Ms Cupp and hope this shit all blows over ... or, he'll double down on stupid (as he usually does) and make an even worse ass out of himself on this incident. Any bets as to which direction he goes?

I'm gonna be sure to watch Redeye this week as I know S.E. will almost certainly be on to answer some of Gutfelds nutty questions. She's a regular and I Can't wait from Greg on this.

And Olbermann: Good Lord, this man has to be about as stupid as a box of rocks. Can you imagine someone such as Olberman representing you on any issue. And the George Putnam/Ted Baxter routine he plays out every time he's on television is sooo old and boring. Olbermann couldn't carry Edward R Murrow's gym bag.

Olberman - you need to seriously consider counseling and some type of drug such as Prozac or any other medication in the Psychotrophic drug family to help you with your anger issues. And it's obvious you have a problem with women. Maybe you have a small Penis or premature ejaculation problems. Just a guess but get some help asshole.