Monday, April 11, 2011

Video: Obama's Legacy of Failure

The ad is only a minute long. To actually chronicle all of Obama's failures you'd need a couple of hours.

But it's a start.
An independent conservative group says it's going up in some battleground states with a television commercial that's critical of President Barack Obama, one of the first of what could be many ads by similar groups on the right.

The spot, titled "Barack Obama's Legacy of Failure," is being put out by The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama – a group dedicated to trying to beat the president in the 2012 election.

Joe Wierzbecki, the executive director of the organization, tells CNN that the ad began running this weekend on television stations in Nevada, with ad time being purchased in Michigan and Wisconsin. Wierzbecki says his plan is to eventually also run the commercial in Colorado, Missouri and Ohio. All of these states could be extremely contested in the upcoming battle for the White House.

The group is currently fundraising to pay for the ad buy.

"We're looking at a budget of $250,000 for this new ad right now. We hope to expand on that, but I won't know if we're successful for a few weeks, depending on if our fundraising continues to remain strong," says Wierzbecki.
The illiterate Obama Koolaid slurpers commenting at the link are a hoot.


srdem65 said...

What's disturbing (beyond MrO's failures) is the unshakable support of some Dems.  If I, as a lifelong Dem, can see and understand that MrO is not what he claimed to be and must be replaced, what do they see?

Walt said...

Yeah, I read the comments at the link.  There sure were a bunch, weren't there? 

Think there's much of a chance that any of them could entertain the idea that they might be mistaken?  Mockery doesn't work; they don't know when they are being mocked.  Education won't work; they are the educators and are mostly charmed by the ideals of the 1920's.  And they think they are of the righteous so redemption is unlikely. 

Maybe - - - force?