Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wisconsin Supreme Court Race a Dead Heat

Oh my, you can't get much closer than this. While scanning the radio dial this morning wile driving I heard zero news accounts of this race in Wisconsin. So I figured David Prosser must have won.

Not so fast. Could a race get tighter than this?
David Prosser (inc) 733,074 50%
Joanne Kloppenburg 732,489 50%
For those who haven't been paying attention, a vote for Kloppenburg is a vote for union gansterism, so the apparent tide of union support allegedly sweeping the nation hasn't even gained a clear majority in Wisconsin.
Justice David Prosser clung to a narrow lead over Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg in the state Supreme Court race early Wednesday, after a hard-fought campaign dominated by political forces and outside interest groups.

But even with 99% of the vote counted, fewer than 600 votes - about 0.04% of ballots - separated the candidates. And The Associated Press said early Wednesday that the race was too close to call and that it would take hours or most of the day to get a final tally.

That close margin had political insiders from both sides talking about the possibility of a recount, which Wisconsin has avoided in statewide races in recent decades. Any recount could be followed by lawsuits - litigation that potentially would be decided by the high court.
Shouldn't take much for the Democrats to find enough dead union voters to put Kloppenburg over the top. If not they'll drag out a recount as long as possible. Wisconsin is a crusade for the left. They can't possibly let go and abide by the will of the people.


Robbie Cooper said...

With such a narrow lead for Prosser and some votes yet to be counted, I'll bet you money that this ends badly for Prosser and the Conservatives. When doesn't it for Conservatives when there is a vote recount? Right about now, some union-thug poll worker just 'found' a bag of ballots in the trunk of a car, or they have a bunch of ACORN minions frantically filling out ballots as fast as they can and stuffing them into an as-of-yet uncounted ballot box.

Bet your paycheck on it --- when the dust settles, the Wisconsin unionistas will have found a way to steal this election.

skeneogden said...

Yeah more than likely they'll "find" those votes they need in the trunk of a Government Motors Chevy Volt.  I predict those missing "ballots" will strangely resemble death certificates.  Like the Dems always say, "vote early and vote often" even if you've assumed room temperature.

Lord Nazh said...

They already found enough to get Klopp to a 140 vote lead (as of 10am central)

Jack said...

<span>I'll bet you money that this ends badly for Prosser and the Conservatives. When doesn't it for Conservatives when there is a vote recount?</span>

Look, you got your preside<span>nt installed by his daddy's Supreme Court in 2000. What are you complaining about?