Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sorry Sarah, But I Need Our Relationship To Move To The Next Level

I am in 100% agreement with Laura and Ann on this matter. These are serious times and most Americans are looking for a serious candidate to be our next president. I recall a while back having some little Twitter discussions about Sarah Palins viability as a candidate, and even back then I expressed my reservations about here actually being able to bring something to the table. I think her role now is best described as a conservative activist who can highlight the issues and prod politicians on both sides to present their ideas for problems that she spotlights, and in that regard I feel like she is more in touch with heartland Americans then most politicians, but that does not mean I consider her presidential material.

The biggest problem with writing about Sarah is that her defenders will immediately leap to her defense and her detractors will quickly point to how even conservatives are deserting her. Just to be clear, nobody is deserting anybody here, it is just I don't feel she is ready for the highest office in the land right now. It will be important for the other candidates to listen to her and her followers, since their allegiance is second only to the Paulians.

Look maybe it is just because I am a guy and don't like getting strung along very long in my relationships. Love you Sarah, mean it, but I need to move on. I would hope that very soon she would make it clear, just like Governor Christie has done, that she is not running and channel all that energy and all those followers into something productive to help Republicans elect a qualified person to the White House who can not only go about reversing the damage done by the current SCOAMF, but getting the ship on the right path once again. I am not even sure how much of a role I want her to play during the primaries in regards to endorsing one candidate over another. In that regard she holds a unique position within conservative circles. I tend to ignore endorsements during primaries anyway since everybody gets them and being the independent sort of cuss that I am I ain't impressed. Let her get behind whoever comes out of the primary, but in the meantime I would ask for her not to suck anymore oxygen out of the room so that the declared candidates can get their message out. Being the center of media attention is not Sarah's fault, it is the media's fault. They are the one's with the obsession, which borders on unhealthy at times.

It takes quite a lot of effort, time, and space to turn an aircraft carrier around in the open waters and it will be the same with our country.

Look on the bright side folks. On the conservative side we have Laura, Ann, and Sarah and the liberals have Debbie Wasshername Schultz, Grandma Nancy, and Mouthy Maxine. I certainly know who I want trying to get my attention.


Mats said...

Yeah, what he said.

SArah - at best - can be a good vice but she's no presidential material FOR NOW.

Christine said...

<span>I just can’t find fault with Palin. Pretty much everything she talks about agrees with my views. Unfortunately, if she were to run for President, I think she would be a weak contender.</span>

Andy Collins said...

Yet another difference between a conservative and liberal mindset is intellectual honesty. I too admire Govenor Palin and appreciate her connection to "real" Americans but I think we would be better served with a more experienced candidate. But Palin in 2020? That I could get behind!

Rich V. said...

Coutler goes to far...she makes it personal.  Whether or not you like Mrs. Palin is immaterial.  What is important, is with a media that is steadfastly biased against Republicans in general and conservatives in particular is the conservatives NOT bash each other for the enjoyment of a biased media.  Follow Mr. Reagan's commanment  "Thou shall not bash a fellow Republican."

Rich Vail
Pikesville, Maryland
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