Monday, October 17, 2011

Boston Protesters Still a Bit Confused

They're dreaming big, but will gladly settle for handouts and a warm place to camp out.

Embrace the 0.99%!
The Occupy Boston protesters encamped on Dewey Square downtown all month have vowed to stay — rain, sleet or snow — until their long and varied list of world-changing demands are met.

It may be a while. Asked what needs to happen to make them pack up their tents, declare victory and leave, many protesters in the loosely organized, purportedly leaderless nationwide anti-corporate movement differed sharply on the end game — if they even see one at all.

“When we see our world leaders step down from their power and give it back to the people of this country or the world, then we will say that we no longer need to do this,” said James McBride of Malden, who has been protesting for a week. “But as long as that doesn’t happen, we will still be here. ... We’re already planning for winter.”
Oh, OK, is that all you want, for "world leaders" to step down? Doesn't quite appear they've thought this whole thing out.
“I plan to be here until there’s actual change,” Ricky Wood of Malden said. “Until I can go somewhere else and feel comfortable that everything is accomplished here.”

Asked what he meant by “actual change,” Wood replied: “Equality.”

“I’m staying here indefinitely,” he added. “This is my home.”
Another plans to stay until his own situation improves.
Defiant protesters participated in an anti-oppression workshop, shared food and bedded down in tents last night, as they have for three weeks. One protester said there is talk about trying to occupy a school or a donated building for the winter — someplace warm. But John Nai said he’ll stay until his own economy improves.

“Basically until I have to stop working three jobs at $8.50 to pay my rent and not get to eat,” said John Nai. How long did he think that would be?

“That’s the question they’re going to have to answer — the one percent,” Nai said, referring to the nation’s wealthy power brokers.
So this tool supposedly has three jobs yet he's got time to make a nuisance of himself? How does he plan to improve his own economy when he's out there sleeping on the street? I wonder if this is the same John Nai, who lists his activities as partying?

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