Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Charming Occupy Wall Street Freak: 'You’re a Bum, Jew'

Via Breitbart. Unhinged lunacy, or what I like to refer to as mainstream liberalism. This crank calls himself The Lotion Man. Figure it out. Then there's this clip here. Be forewarned. Lots of the n-word!

Rich Lowry sums up the mindset of these idiots.
“The Declaration of the Occupation of New York City,” the first official release of Occupy Wall Street, is Marxism for people whose familiarity with Marx begins and ends with seeing his bearded visage on some T-shirt. It thunders that “corporations do not seek consent to extract wealth from the people and the Earth.”

The charges against corporate America include poisoning the food supply, torturing animals and using the military to suppress press freedom. Of course, corporations stand accused -- in a hardy perennial -- of perpetuating colonialism. The long list of complaints is thoughtfully affixed with an asterisk and an accompanying note, “these grievances are not all-inclusive.”

The Tea Party had such an impact because it had a better claim on Middle America than its adversaries. It wrapped itself in our history and patriotic trappings. It plugged into the political system and changed the course of the country in the 2010 elections. The left went from ridiculing it to envying it.

Occupy Wall Street is both more self-involved and more ambitious than the Tea Party. This free-floating radicalism’s fuzzy endpoint is a “revolution” no one can precisely describe, but the thrust of which is overturning capitalism as we know it. If elected Democrats dare associate their party with this project, they need immediately to consult their nearest psychiatrist and political consultant, in that order.

Occupy Wall Street is toxic and pathetic, the perfect distillation of an American left in extremis.
The media is quite fond of using the term Tea Party Republicans in condescending fashion. I suggest we can using Occupy Wall Street Democrats. Any Democrat will suffice.

It's quite amusing seeing the media portray these loons in such romantic fashion. It's not going to end well, but the media enablers and Democrat bankrollers (read: unions) of this freakshow own it.


NeoKong said...

Yeah...he's got a job.
Bathroom attendent at a gay bar.

Richard Butler said...

I want to be embarrased for these jerks but they're so fucking stupid.

Rip Van Bullwinkle said...

This could only go on as long as it has in N.Y.C. In Chicago they know how to deal with these situations, or at least they did back in '68. Good times.

eric B said...

Not really. I just saw the protestors in SF today.

Cashcleaner said...

I'm not an American citizen so I'm not 100% familiar with your politics, but shouldn't conservatives should be leading the charge at occupying Wall Street?

I mean consider this: one of the primary tenents of political conservatism is all about separating business and government, and allowing the invisible hand of the market to dictate the fortunes of private enterprise.  It's a pretty concise position to have, really - keep government economic intervention to a minimum.

But the thing is, the bailouts given to Wall Street are really nothing less than corporate welfare.  To put it simply, the US government (using taxpayer dollars) gave billions of dollars to various financial companies because they lost their fortunes through bad business practises.  Any conservative I know of understands and adovocates the so-called "invisible hand" of the market, ie: that the success of failure of business should be determined fundamentally by the consumers.

So I dunno, am I not looking at things the right way here?  Are most conservatives in fact supporting Occupy Wall Street?