Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Christie Not Running

He really means it this time.
After days of silence over whether he'll run for the White House, Gov. Chris Christie will finally address the question today in Trenton at 1 p.m., an adviser said.

For the past week, speculation has swirled that Christie would reverse more than a year of denials and enter a crowded Republican presidential primary. But the plan for today's Statehouse press conference, announced by the governor's office this morning, immediately set off speculation that Christie will not run.

ABC News and the National Review, a conservative magazine, are reporting that Christie isn't going to run.

Accompanying the story is an undated photo of what Christie might look like if he lost 100 pounds.

Had he run some believe he would have devoured the competition, but that might result in rapid weight gain.

We like him where he is. If he no longer has the desire to be governor come 2013 he'd make a decent Attorney General for the next president. Prosecuting his predecessor for Fast & Furious would be his top priority.


roux said...

He's not ready and he's not a conservative.

Toejam said...

He's not a strict Conservative, but he believes in the core Conservative values.

Saying Christie is not a Conservative is like saying a member of a "reformed" synagogue is not a Jew.