Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dumbass OWS Protester Arrested

Remember this clown from Monday? Well, he's now got cuffs on him. Really, how stupid do you have to be to tell a reporter you've got outstanding warrants, give him your name and pose for pictures?

The methadone-addled man freeloading off the Wall Street protest -- who told The Post there are warrants out for his arrest -- was collared yesterday for allegedly groping a young woman.

Dave Park, 27, was handcuffed after he allegedly grabbed the victim’s behind in Zuccotti Park. It was one of four arrests yesterday connected to the rambunctious, 2,000-strong Occupy Wall Street rally.

Protesters said Park, of Stamford, Conn., had a hard time keeping his hands off the cheap booze and drugs and free food at the encampment -- and also off the women.

“He’s been asked to leave almost every day. I heard he’s been grabbing girl’s asses, their chests and crotches, and I heard he even tried to jump in someone’s sleeping bag,” said Tony Parila, a protester from the Lower East Side.

“He doesn’t represent us, and he’s given us a bad name.”
A little too late to distance yourself. He's the perfect embodiment of your Flea Party.

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Roadside said...

Hey, he is just practicing what the OWS protesters preach:  Money for nothing, chicks for free!