Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Faces of Occupy Wall Street: Mom's Basement Edition

These people are pretty much cartoon characters at this point. Life's losers with no direction, no self-esteem and no clue. So this tool claims he owes $87,000 in loans that he used to become a printer repairman? Can't mom help him feed the cats? Who's feeding the cats while he's running around Manhattan having a temper tantrum?

Then these two. Their sign pretty much sums things up, don't you think?

But don't forget, they're the 99% or something. Or so they think.
You are not 99 percent of America. I don't mean that in the obvious numerical sense. If 99 percent of Americans had actually joined your march, Manhattan would have flipped over by now.

What I mean is that if 99 percent of Americans actually sympathized with your cause, the entire nation's economy would have collapsed long ago -- apparently to the delight of the organizers of this current protest.

What I mean to say is, you have a marketing problem.

When you decided to sit in traffic and block the Brooklyn Bridge a few days ago, with that blazing pink "SMASH PATRIARCHY-SMASH CAPITALISM" sign in hand, you probably didn't see the regular people you stranded in traffic.

You know, the ones with real-world concerns, business to attend to, families to go home to, et cetera. You may have read about such people during college in a book called "The Petit Bourgeoisie," or something like that. Many of us grew up calling them "the middle class."
Still, the old-school hard lefties in the media are gushing over the fact today we'll be seeing an Axelrod production, a staged Big Labor push for the rest of the media to swoon over.
"The whole order of things today is absolutely upside down," said John Samuelsen, president of the Transport Workers Union Local 100. "Tax breaks for millionaires, working people suffer, and no jobs for these kids."

Establishment critics of the Zuccotti Park events have no clue what is happening. By setting up camp near the scene of Wall Street's still-unpunished crimes, and by persevering round the clock for nearly three weeks, these kids have created a boot camp for social change.
A bootcamp for social change? Critics have no clue what's happening? Uh, we know exactly what's happening: A failed effort being engineered by Obama and his Occupier Democrats to distract us from his abysmal record and myriad scandals.

It's not working. It would be nice instead of slobbering over these nitwits that the media did a little digging into who's funding this.
Internet pledges arrive via two main websites: was registered July 14, two months before the demonstrations began, by a Los Angeles privacy service that shields the owner's identity.

The second,, was registered Sept. 11 by Brooklyn resident Vladimir Teichberg, records show.

The Alliance for Global Justice, a nonprofit with 501c3 status, helped Occupy Wall Street to collect tax-exempt donations and open a credit union account to centralize funds.

The Washington-based organization's most recent 2009 tax return has revenues of $843,547, including contributions and grants of $789,509, records show.
Alliance for Global Justice, huh? Funny, but 10 seconds of research leads us directly to none of than George Soros and his Open Society Institute. These folks also show solidarity with Marxist regimes in Nicaragua and Venezuela. But remember, this is just some spontaneous grassroots movement in response to the Tea Party or something.

Thanks to John for the photo link.


scott said...

These bums are soooo cool though!

laZrtx said...

Morons can't see the forest for all the trees. Can't Understand Normal Thinking applies.

Anonymous said...

Dude on top has a racist rightwing hategroup Paramilitary militia logo on his shirt. WTF.