Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Jesse Jackson Associate in Murderous California Shooting Rampage

Curiously, YouTube has yanked a video where this guy interviewed Jackson and where Jackson was listed as an executive producer. Why is that? If it was some conservative who interviewed a prominent Republican, do you suppose the video would go bye bye?

Anyway, the manhunt is on for Jackson's pal. Maybe the good Reverend can have him turn himself in.
Authorities say they have found a car abandoned by the suspect in the Cupertino, Calif., workplace shooting as a manhunt continues for Shareef Allman, 49, identified as the man who killed two people and wounded six others.

The suspect was seen driving a Brown Mercury Cougar, but police communications officers reported that officers have found the vehicle and Allman was no longer with it.

A manhunt was going on for the suspect Wednesday morning in Cupertino, where schools were closed and police were searching door-to-door.

The first shootings took place at a 4 a.m. safety meeting at the Lehigh Southwest Cement Co. in the hills above Cupertino.

Later, authorities said, the suspect attempted to steal a woman’s car, then shot her. She was taken to a hospital, where her condition was not immediately known.

Allman, 49, apparently runs a self-publishing business and has published a novel about domestic violence.

And in a video on Youtube, which has now been taken down, an individual identified as Shareef Allman can be seen interviewing the Rev. Jesse Jackson on a San Jose community cable TV station.
Here's a clip that hasn't gone down the memory hole. He's preaching about love. Of course!


laZrtx said...

He jus want to do his business with Mr 9mm. It's sooo sensual you know.

Fred said...

I'm not sure of the point of stating that Jessie Jackson was listed as the executive producer. He was not. This is an untruth; a falsehood; a lie.

Why not just report the truth? Seriously? It will do your credibility wonders.

I also don't understand how somebody who interviews you becomes your "associate" or "pal." TV production doesn't work that way. You show up somewhere, somebody sticks a mic in your face or wires you up, a camera is turned on, you say a few things to each other, then you go your separate ways.