Thursday, October 06, 2011

Obama Takes Ownership of Wall Street Protests

Well, we've been saying for some time this Wall Street temper tantrum is an Obama production and today he confirmed it.
President Obama said Thursday that the Occupy Wall Street protests show a "broad-based frustration" among Americans about how the U.S. financial system works.

Speaking at an East Room news conference, Obama said he has monitored the movement, which has spread to dozens of cities nationwide.

"I think it expresses the frustrations the American people feel, that we had the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, huge collateral damage all throughout the country ... and yet you're still seeing some of the same folks who acted irresponsibly trying to fight efforts to crack down on the abusive practices that got us into this in the first place," he said.
Nothing to do with our economic conditions has anything to do with him, of course.

Now wouldn't you know it, this organized effort by the Occupy Wall Street Democrats is going to blame everything on ... the Republicans!
The news media have been paying increasing attention this week to the "Occupy Wall Street" protests that started in New York and have spread to other cities including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington. Democratic strategists make the point that Obama is sympathetic to the protesters' underlying concerns. These strategists note that Obama and the Democrats are calling for legal protection for consumers and higher taxes on the wealthy and on big corporations so they pay their "fair share" while the GOP generally opposes those ideas.
Of course he's sympathetic. They're protesting on his behalf. Is the media too dense to see this?

You would think they might recall reporting on who Wall Street backed in 2008.
Wall Street is putting its money behind Democrat Barack Obama for president, despite worries that his administration would raise taxes and take a tougher line on trade and regulation.

The signs Wall Street reads point to Democrats prevailing in the November presidential and general election as voters punish the incumbent Republican Party for a flagging economy and lengthy Iraq war.
The economy is in much worse condition under him and now where has this gotten his Wall Street supporters? Why, Obama's dogs of war have now been unleashed upon them.

If anyone on Wall Street is dumb enough to give this guy a nickel from here on out they deserve no mercy.


The Reaganite Republican said...

Last chance to bail on their student loans prior to GOP landslide

Pothead losers, mostly

Maureen Hansen said...

If Wall Street is so bad, when does Obama give back the millions that he has taken from them in "fundraising" ?  He has no problem holding his hand out for their donations when it suits him.

LibertyAtStake said...

Obama = Cloward-Piven sock puppet.

“Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

Richard Butler said...


hahayourefunny said...

I think you're out of touch with what's happening in #OWS... speculating from the outside without trying to engage with those on the inside.  The occupation is nonpartisan because they understand both parties are corrupt.  Stop using what is happening to serve your own agenda.