Saturday, October 08, 2011

Occupy Atlanta Shows Their True (Lack of) Color

Well, the little self-indulgent hipsters descended upon Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta yesterday afternoon and began their occupation. I give them credit for one thing, they started their little hissyfit at a time that it dovetailed with another gathering that was already going on in the area and therefore made it appear to outsiders that they had a far bigger crowd then what was in reality their true numbers. As soon as the other folks realized what was going on they started leaving and it wasn't long before this group of hundreds was down to a group of dozens, but by far the biggest boneheaded stunt of the night goes to this group when they refused Rep John Lewis a chance to address the crowd.

Sorry that should read Civil Rights icon Rep. John Lewis. (I forgot the AP style book on his correct title.)

Rep. Lewis was already on the record as supporting the progressive causes espoused by these occupy folks, views which for most of the country are completely a mystery. Well, in truth they are a mystery to most of the folks participating in the protests too.

What made this snub so noteworthy was the fact that the mostly white, mostly young, and mostly southern accent-challenged crowd failed to realize that in Atlanta if Rep. Lewis shows up and wants to speak, you had better damn sure give him five minutes of your time or you are going to alienate a vast majority of the population.

Their rationale for refusing him is even more hilarious. I watched the whole thing last night on their UStream feed; I can't even begin to describe how torturous that was, something if utilized at Gitmo would most assuredly run afoul of most human rights groups. Their reason? Nobody was special. Everybody was equal.

Just imagine if something similar had happened at a Tea Party rally. We would never hear the end of it from the melanin-challenged cast of MSNBC and every race pimp in the country from Jesse Jackson to Al Sharpton would have taken to the airwaves to tell what despicable people they were to deny this icon a chance to speak.

The local Fox affiliate has probably the most unbiased report, yeah, no surprise, I know, but notice even they realize the need to send an African-American reporter to this location; she did manage to locate a couple of blacks to put on camera but notice all the group shots, including the one of Rep. Lewis surrounded by clueless masses. I choose this clip for precisely that reason. None of the others seemed able to get an African-American on camera.

Yes, this is the rainbows and unicorns alternate universe these folks live in. Everything they did last night was by consent of the crowd. They claim to have no leaders. It was a group decision. Nice way to avoid assigning blame, ya numbnuts.

Shortly after denying him a chance to speak many members of the group began to notice the lack of color in the crowd, something that is somewhat of a miracle to accomplish in downtown Atlanta. Especially in this location.

A little bit more about the location they chose. Woodruff Park is named in honor of the man who donated the money to have it built, the former Coca-Cola president Robert Woodruff.
Established in the early 1970s, Woodruff Park was formerly known as Central City Park. The park was created thanks to a philanthropic gift from former Coca-Cola Company president Robert W. Woodruff, who donated the money anonymously. After two years of planning and preparation, the park opened in 1973.
Yeah, one of those evil capitalists. Of course, if the occupiers are looking for something to do with their spare time might, I suggest a trip over to the Georgia Aquarium which is just a few blocks away.
The Georgia Aquarium started with The Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus. Marcus wanted to present a gift to the city of Atlanta and the state of Georgia, one that would encourage education and economic growth. In November of 2001, he announced his plan to build an aquarium in downtown Atlanta. He and his wife Billi donated $250 million toward the Georgia Aquarium's construction.
Damn, more evil capitalism.

Well, I hope they enjoy themselves, and for God's sake, clean up after yourselves; but seeing as this is Saturday and football season in the south, most of us will have better things to do today then monitor the antics of this Ritalin-deprived crowd.

Go Ramblin' Wreck!

Update (JWF) : Really creepy video:


jay said...

I don't know why they get any attention at all.  Just a bunch of little babies.

kwilbanks99 said...

<span>Hey moron</span>
<span>John Lewis was given permission to speak. He had a previous commitment and could not wait for the other issues being discussed to be resolved before he had to leave. I was there. </span>
<span>If you want to stand with the 1% and pretend you're one of them go ahead and make a fool of yourself. The gap between the rich and the poor has gotten ridiculously wide and if that doesn't concern you don't realize that the 1% is over represented in Washington that you are sick, stupid or both.</span>
<p><span> </span></p>

The GP said...

JWF - Just a correction: By "melanoma-challenged", you mean "melanin-challenged". Melanoma is a cancer.

ZZMike said...

Don't forget another evil capitalist oppressor - from the late 1800s/early 1900s:  Andrew Carnegie.

"... clueless masses ...", "Their reason? Nobody was special. Everybody was equal."

That's pure unfettered democracy in action.  One of the many reasons we're a republic.