Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy Wall Street to Take Over Seoul, Korea or Something

Why even pay advisers from the White House when you can get free propaganda like this from the media?
They have started to occupy everywhere.

A group of activists in South Korea plan to take over the street of the capital, Seoul, this weekend in solidarity with New York's Wall St. protesters, according to reports.

A group of about 30 civic groups are expected to join in the Occupy Seoul protests against financial inequality by holding a two-day sit in across various parts of the city.

It will kick off Saturday afternoon and encompass the financial district Yeouido.

Consumer rights group Korea Finance Consumer Association, is leading the movement and expects at least 1,000 demonstrators to participate, reports said.
So, an alleged mob of 1000 will be taking over Seoul, as the headline says?


From the comments, some more illiterate threats.
Bring em down now, the world is sick & tired of people like the gutless ERIC CANTOR that wants a facist state to make its way into mainstream politics, bring em down"bring em down now" A word to the wise is sufficient so listen up all you wealthy people you better start sharing now not later because later will be to late and our country can not take your abuse any longer, as my brothers & siters in the UK said "off with their heads" and this is not a movie this is reality now coming to your neighborhoods and you will be the star.
Oh no, not a facist state!

They want violence, but probably won't enjoy the repercussions of the Second Amendment.

Bring it on.

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Jaafar said...

Well, anyone who has studied history knows that the short road to tyranny is revolution.