Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh My: DCCC Already Politicizing Iran Terror Plot

This is just gruesome. Absolutely stomach-churning stuff. Using the developing situation with Iran to score cheap political points on an even greater enemy to them: The Koch Brothers.
After the breaking news that federal authorities foiled an assassination plot linked to the Iranian government, it’s even more important that we know the full extent of the ties between Iran and the right-wing Big Oil billionaire Koch Brothers

More than a week after Bloomberg’s investigation found Koch Industries profited from doing business with Iran, House Republican Leadership has responded with silence.
So has the rest of the media. Why should the GOP respond for a flimsy story that nobody outside the fever swamps is talking about?
This is unacceptable. We can’t let this stand.

Sign our petition right now insisting that House Republicans immediately demand an investigation of Koch Industries’ business dealings with Iran.

If we reach 150,000 signatures, we will deliver them directly to Republican Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor.

The controversial Republican billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch have spent untold millions bankrolling right-wing candidates and causes. Now they are the subject of the Bloomberg report that Koch Industries benefited from bribes to win business and sold millions of dollars of equipment to the Iranian regime, which is known for their sponsorship of terrorism and calls of "death to America."

This is all despite American trade sanctions against Iran and the country’s known links to financing terrorists.

After the new development that U.S. authorities foiled an assassination plot in America linked to the Iranian government, the business dealings of the Koch Brothers with Iran are all the more troubling and unacceptable.

We need to show grassroots Democrats are strong and unified in telling Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor they must immediately demand an investigation of Koch Industries and its business dealings with Iran.

Help us reach 150,000 people standing strong: Make your voice heard and add your name to our petition >>



Robby Mook
DCCC Executive Director
Pathetic. These people have no shame.


formwiz said...

They may wish they hadn't. It may well turn out that the Administration bungled this badly to save Holder's otherwise worthless neck.

Fenway_Nation said...

Doing business with Iran? You mean like Mark Rich....

If guilty, then maybe the Kochs will get a pardon from a Democrat president, too!

cnredd said...

I have a feeling they won't mention GE'S CEO and Obama Jobs Council main man Jeffrey Immelt and his Iran operations

Political Wrinkles

Dean_L said...

Wow. That is truly sickening.

OxyCon said...


Did the White House shop the Koch brothers/Iran story to Bloomberg after learning about the Iranian assasination plot?
Sure seems like alot of coincidences and perfectly planned timing.