Saturday, October 15, 2011

Profiles in Cowardice: OWS Edition

Geez, could these people possibly be a bigger bunch of pussies?
At about 6:15 pm today there were three arrests at W 46th St and 7th Ave of individuals trying to take down police barriers. As arrests were made, a few began chanting "fight back" but most did not take up the cry. Some who tried to pull down barriers would run to the back of the crowd to avoid arrest, and also push the crowd from the back to confront police. They started counting down and pushing others in front against police and barriers.
Real tough guys. I'm surprise they didn't find some infants to hide behind.


Hill Country Clyde said...

They will if ever confronted, just like their Hamas friends.

Laurence Louden said...

In the old days, we had guys in the back throwing rocks and bottles at the police, over the crowd. This way, the people in the front could enjoy becoming victims of police brutallity. For them, it was the cause that counted, not the cost... as long as the cost was borne by others,