Friday, October 14, 2011

Random Idiot Not Amused By What He Found In His Mailbox

Dude needs to lighten up.
Like many of us these days, north-sider Bill Altmayer doesn't pay that much attention to the mail these days, since most of what he gets is junk mail.

But while he was going through his stack of envelopes and magazines recently, Altmayer did a double-take, when he found a postcard letter that looked like it came from Northwestern University.

It was addressed to “Random Idiot.”

It's probably just a joke, but he is not laughing.

“It's important to keep the integrity of these universities together,” Altmayer said. “In other words, the university themselves obviously didn't do this so it's important to share that with them so they can figure out what happened."

FOX Chicago News contacted Northwestern and asked them about the post card.

They didn't know anything about it, adding that their database had not been hacked.

On Chicago’s north side, Altmayer said he wonders if other business and homeowners received the cards in the mail as well.

"I’m offended because I have a high level of respect for these universities,” Altmayer said.

But on Evanston’s campus this afternoon, students said lighten up, it's a joke. It’s a bad one, but one you have to laugh at.

"It's kind of humorous - not something that's appropriate - but still kind of funny,” freshman Harrison Hill said.


Rick said...

I'm a northsider and I didn't receive one of these.  Maybe it's not so random!

/checks mail


Rose said...

Good to know that those very students are not insulted in that since they themselves responded to the call of that University, they themselves ARE the Random Idiots who were targetted by that very post card.