Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sniveling Obama to Fox's Ed Henry: 'I Didn't Know You Were a Spokesperson for Mitt Romney'

Is it possible to be any more think-skinned than the petulant manchild in the White House?
whoa - POTUS to : "I didn't know you were a spokesperson for Mitt Romney."
I guess having 99.8% of the White House press corps in your back pocket just isn't enough. But he did use spokesperson, not spokesman, so I'm sure the rest of his stenographers won't mind such churlishness.

What a douchebag.

It actually gets more pathetic.
after chiding for asking him to respond to Romney critique, POTUS didn't answer Romney critique
There's a reason he's known as the SCOAMF.

Video via Breitbart.

Note there's little laughter. Then he starts stuttering like the schmuck he is.


Richard Butler said...

<span>Boy was I wrong about the acronym SCOAMF. I always thought it meant.. 
"some creep or asshole mother fucker". Silly me. 
Omama's response reminds me of the Dan Rather question to George H W Bush about running for president, only the roles are reversed. What a lamer we have for a Fuhrer, er, I mean president. 
Oh oh, now they'll report me to AttackWatch. I better watch out for the Gestapo, uh, I mean democraps.</span>

Richard Butler said...

I feel the need to reply to my own comment. My profanity and references to Nazi's is the result of hearing eight years of chimp, monkey, Nazi, and Hitler comments about G.W. Bush. I guess what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Two wrongs don't make things right but I feel justified in just calling it Karma.