Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anthony Weiner Descends Into Self-Parody

When last seen, juvenile Congressthing from New York was snidely tweeting like a junior high school punk during Obama's plea for more taxes yesterday. Today in the mail we get this gem:
The big vote is tomorrow.

Republicans are trying to ram through a disgraceful budget that would destroy Medicare, drive an entire generation of seniors into poverty, but give the wealthiest Americans even more tax cuts.

It’s shameful. It’s immoral. And it deserves our strongest possible response.

We are crafting a forceful Rapid Response ad campaign that will take the fight directly to the Republicans and hold them accountable for trying to destroy Medicare -- but we must raise $50,000 by Midnight Tomorrow to get going.

Contribute $3 or more by Midnight Tomorrow so we can go up with hard-hitting Rapid Response ads in Republican districts.

First they tried to get rid of NPR. Then they tried to defund Planned Parenthood.

Now the Republicans and their radical fringe enablers in the Tea Party are waging class warfare on steroids just so they can give the rich even more tax breaks.

Their extremist budget would end Medicare as we know it and force seniors to clip coupons if they need to see a doctor.

If you’re as fed up as I am with their radical agenda that hurts the most vulnerable Americans but helps the wealthiest, please help us take the fight directly to them.

Rep. Anthony Weiner
Did someone say class warfare on steroids? Good grief.


srdem65 said...

Sorry, MrHotDog, but most seniors are already in poverty.  But it's really nice of the Repubs to drive us considering the cost of gas today. 
Oh.  Drive us into poverty the name of the nursing home?

rich b said...

To call "weiner" a hysterical and melodramatic bitch would be doing a dis-service to hysterical and melodramatic bitches everywhere. I think the term "asshole" would be far more appropriate.

His fear tactics should and ought to backfire on his skinny ass if there's any justice in the world. He's a disgraceful POS.

rob.granger said...

srdem65, so where the f**k do you suggest we get the money that the dems have, quite frankly, pissed away the last 2-3 years. I count you with the last year of Bush when he went freaking spend friendly. Remember it is not the government's money that they are spending, they have to take it from working people! Sorry, I do feel for you, but I will never be able to retire because of this spend, spend, spend government. If you have to suffer along with me, welcome a f**king aboard! STOP SPENDING NOW before China forecloses.

srdem65 said...

Please be civil.