Thursday, April 14, 2011

'It's a Time for North Koreans to Relax with Friends and Family'

They have so much to be thankful for.
The flags are up and the streets of North Korea's capital are lined with flowers as the nation prepares to celebrate the biggest holiday of the year: the birthday of late President Kim Il Sung.

April 15 is called "The Day of the Sun" in honour of the man who founded North Korea in 1948 and maintains godlike status in the country now led by his son, Kim Jong Il.

It's a time for North Koreans to relax with friends and family. But it's also an occasion to rally national pride as the country undergoes a sensitive leadership transition and as tensions with the outside world persist.
Those tensions today include the planned indictment of a U.S. citizen.
North Korea announced more details of an American whose detention was revealed earlier this week by U.S. and Swedish diplomats, saying it has held the man since November and will soon indict him.

But North Korea didn't say Thursday what the man, whom it identified as Jun Young Su, had done wrong or give any other details.

The announcement, made by North Korea's state-run news agency, said Mr. Jun "admitted his crime in the course of the investigation."

The man is the fifth American citizen to be detained and arrested by North Korea in the past two years.
Good thing we've got smart diplomacy at work.

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rich b said...

I'm sure that the "dear leader" of NOKO will be dining on Lobster, drinking thirty year old Scotch whiskey and watching his favorite porn vids to celebrate "the day of the Sun".

All the while, the regular citizens of NOKO will be eating weeds and grazing in/on the grass along side the road and drinking muddy water for cocktails. And the commie leaders of this country have the nerve to call this a "people's republic".

What a mockery of two simple words. I suppose Hollywood (Oliver Stone, Brian DePalma, name your favorite leftwing jerk) will make a biopic of this shit-stain of a human being and so-called leader sooner or later, just as they did with Che, their other commie hero. It's amazing how stupid the folks in Hollyweird are - isn't it?