Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Couric Blames Local Lead-In for Pitiful Performance

Dumping on her co-workers

After wasting $75 million on this talentless hack, this is the return CBS gets for their investment.
Katie Couric is blaming Ch. 2's local news for her last-place finish in the network news race.

In an interview to be published next Sunday in the New York Times Magazine, Couric, who is reportedly leaving the network next month, tried to explain why she could not move the needle on the nightly news show since arriving in 2007.

"I believe we were in third place for 13 years before I got here," she told the magazine. "And I think habits, particularly with an evening news broadcast, move at a glacial pace.

"And I think that local news stations have something to do with it."

"You weren't provided a strong enough lead-in by local affiliates?" the interviewer asked.

"Some people have said that local news is really important in terms of lead-ins," Couric replied.

"I haven't really analyzed that. I'm just saying what I've read or some of the theories about it."
She hasn't analyzed it, it's just what she's read or heard about it? Well, now, if that doesn't perfectly synthesize the mind of a modern-day liberal. She has no facts to support her claim, she claims to have read about it (hey, Katie, what newspapers do you read?), or it's a theory. From where, she doesn't say.

Why bother even theorizing it might be the fact you're an ultra-liberal who can't be trusted to deliver the news in a fair and balanced manner?

The gossip is Scott Pelley will be the next anchor at CBS News. They can't do any worse than Couric. She's managed to become fabulously wealthy with a limited skill set. She should be thankful she's gotten this far, rather than blaming others for her failures. Dan Rather's ugly departure from CBS almost seems classy in hindsight.


Haiku Guy said...

Oh, come on, Jammie
This must be from The Onion...
She can't be that bad...

http://sablegsd.myopenid.com/ said...

She was never "perky."    Phony as a $3 dollar bill.  I hope I never see her again.

roux said...

The only way she'd know anything is if someone wrote it on a cue card or a teleprompter.

uncledan said...

Interesting that NO ONE on the Left is noticing that they're replacing Katie with a YOUNGER MAN.

FrankG said...

One thing I caught from her famous on-video colonoscopy? How close her brain stem was

Toejam said...

Maybe Bill O'Reilly will give her a job on the "No-Spin Zone" show.

As a pinata head!