Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Pro-Abortion Group 'Targets' GOP Freshman, Puts Them 'On Notice'

Guess that whole civility thing has passed us by now. We can get back to "targeting" politicians. Well, as long as they're Republicans.
The Democratic group EMILY's List launched its first wave of 2012 politicking on Tuesday, serving "notice" against five GOP freshmen that they would be targeted for reelection.

EMILY's List, a group dedicated to supporting Democratic women candidates who support abortion rights, selected a set of five Republicans, each from different states, and each of whom have a major, Democratic woman candidate to have entered the race.

Reps. Charlie Bass (N.H.), Chip Cravaack (Minn.), Paul Gosar (Ariz.), Joe Heck (Nev.) and Allen West (Fla.) were the five GOP lawmakers put "on notice."
I'm sure Allen West is quaking in his boots.
The abortion-rights group, a big election spender, is sure to expand its target list. But for now, it had a warning for the early GOP targets.
Meanwhile, the pro-abortion forces of tolerance are busy censoring free speech in Chicago.
Pro-abortion activists in Chicago have covered up a group of billboards a pro-life organization put up around the city last week to draw attention to how abortion destroys human life and targets African-Americans.

Life Always, the organization behind New York City’s controversial “Dangerous Place” billboard last month — taken down by Lamar advertising after complaints from pro-abortion activists — initiated another campaign, this time in Obama’s hometown. The new campaign includes an image of the president.

The billboard states: “Every 21 minutes, our next possible leader is aborted.” The image of Obama faces the capitalized word “leader,” and readers are directed to visit http://www.thatsabortion.com for more information.

However, abortion activists are not happy with the choice of the pro-life group to educate about protecting human life and a group calling itself “social workers and community members,” is claiming responsibility for censoring the ads. The unnamed group claims the ads are disrespectful and do not represent the views of Chicago residents and so they “wanted to replace the negative, condemning message with a positive one,” according to the Chicago Tribune.
Yes, censoring free speech is always positive.


uncledan said...

Good, let's put Planned Parenthood on notice. Oh, that's right. We did. And then we did nothing.

The Reaganite Republican said...

Allen West will have some fun with it, this group ought to watch who they tangle with- those colors don't run

srdem65 said...

They can forget about the target in Arizona.
In a state loaded with Mormons, ultra-religious Hispanics and every Senior snowbird who is sick of snow and small children, abortion is frowned upon.