Friday, April 08, 2011

Finally: A Little Vacation Time for the Obamas

Apparently, it's a "long-planned" vacation. Must be nice. Planned so long ago nobody got around to telling the Mayor of Williamsburg.
The leader of the free world may be coming to Williamsburg for some rest and relaxation if Congress is able to come to agreement on the budget. President Obama and the First Family are planning to visit the area this weekend in what the White House described Wednesday as a "long-planned family trip to Colonial Williamsburg."

But the trip might get grounded if a government shutdown can't be averted by Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

The announcement that Obama was coming generated excitement from Williamsburg Mayor Clyde Haulman. "I think it's terrific. Williamsburg was voted as the number one family destination," Haulman said. "The first family is coming to the first destination."

Haulman said that he didn't know where the Obamas would be staying or what was on their schedule. "I was just informed that they were coming. … I don't know where they're staying in Williamsburg," Haulman said.
Weren't these people just on vacation like two weeks ago?

Maybe Obama's government shutdown will kick in and his freeloading will be cut back. Yeah, I know, stop fantasizing.


Anonymous said...

No, no, no, it was planned so far in advance, the mayor forgot. Yeah, that's the ticket...

fiatlux said...

Maybe the Obamboozler can fire up his $42,000 Volt and load Gramma (talk about a beast that needs a little help from Michelle Antoinette on her diet) and the kiddoes to tootle on down to Williamsburg. Hell, it's a day trip from DC. Get back to your roots and pump a little gas (after running down the battery on the way down, you may need to stay overnight to re-charge) I dare him to try to fit his family and BO into the POSmobile from Government Motors.