Saturday, April 16, 2011

Great News: White House Launches 'Taxpayer Receipt' Site

Really eager to see which federal rathole your money's being wasted on? Well, wait no longer my friends. The champions of openness and transparency, Barack Obama, the man who accepts transparency awards behind closed doors, has yet another waste of money to present us. Isn't he just wonderful?

Amid rancorous debate in Congress over spending and taxes, the White House flipped the switch today on an online system for calculating where tax revenues are being spent.

The White House launched its “Federal Taxpayer Receipt” site on what is typically the deadline for Americans to file their tax returns, although this year taxes are due on April 18. The administration said the site was an effort to increase government openness and transparency.

“Today, we’re hopeful that with this tool for regular Americans, everyday Americans, they can actually see these dollars flowing as easily as one can click a mouse,” said Aneesh Chopra, the White House chief technology officer.

By plugging in the amounts of federal taxes deducted from paychecks, taxpayers can see how much of their taxes go to different parts of the federal government, such as defense, health care and veterans services.

Of course while you're there you can also learn more about Obama's alleged plan to reduce the deficit. Just one problem, though, that link takes you to his campaign speech from Wednesday. What a magnanimous gesture on his part.

Not everyone is buying into Obama's shameless self-promotion.
Pete Sepp, a spokesman for the National Taxpayers Union, a free-market group that seeks lower taxes, said the site could be helpful in showing how the federal tax system is what he called "one big transfer payment."

"Yes, they'll see considerable amounts for the military and smaller ones for things like highways but many folks will likely see for the first time that much of the money coming out of their paychecks is winding up in someone else's check," he said.
We get the feeling most Americans who are fed up with onerous taxation won't be too thrilled to see how much money they're coughing up this time of year. They already feel the pain.


rich b said...

And of course Tax Freedom Day slips farther and farther each year into the future. I think it happens on April 12th this year. Makes me want to puke on someone from the IRS or the Government.

objectivist said...

I immediately thought the same thing as Sepp. I cannot imagine something as explicit as this as helping Obama in any demographics other than those on welfare and bleeding-heart liberals.

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