Friday, April 15, 2011

Chevy Chase Makes An Airtight Case for Obama's Reelection

I know I'm convinced.

Via CNS News.


rich b said...

Chevy is so impressed with the clean environment we're leaving our children he forgot to mention the multi-trillion dollar debt we also happen to be leaving them too. Once again, Hollywood opens it's mouth and "removes all doubt" about being thought a fool.

And Chevy Chase is no longer listed as a "comedian" for obvious reasons. He hasn't been funny since the first National Lampoon Vacation movie. Either way the half-wits in tinsel town are the last folks in the world i'd consult when it comes to matters of national economic policy. What do they have to offer us - Roman Polansky and Mumia? No thanks.

Rose said...

Gee, where is all that spectacular, spontaneous improvisational talent and genius that Chevy is supposedly famous for? He was highly distressed by such simple questions. And I've never seen him work so hard to give such complicated, strained, ambiguous answers.

Why did he feel the need to hedge - and hem and haw - and attempt to qualify his answers with such strain and attempted meticulous effort? FAIL!

Did he do this on purpose? Or is he just senile in his fried brain old age?

billypaintbrush said...

Chevy Chase can't string two sentences together if they aren't written for him.  He, like many dems, gets a free pass in the expectations arena.