Monday, April 04, 2011

Now They Tell Us: Climate Change to Mean Fewer Cyclones and Smaller Waves

Feel the heat

The science has spoken!
CSIRO research commissioned by the federal government suggests climate change could dramatically reduce the number of tropical cyclones in the Australian region and decrease wave heights on the nation's east coast.

The surprise findings, which appear to contradict some common predictions about the impact of climate change, are contained in scientific papers on “Projecting Future Climate and its Extremes”, obtained under Freedom of Information laws by The Australian Online.

One paper, by CSIRO researcher Debbie Abbs, found rising temperatures could halve the frequency of tropical cyclones.

“Climate change projections using this modelling system show a strong tendency for a decrease in TC numbers in the Australian region, especially in the region of current preferred occurrence,” Dr Abbs said.
Sounds good to me. Unless, of course, the government wants more cyclones. Debbie might want to keep a low profile if she's among the 600 "top climate scientists" at this confab.

In related news, the British have announced new diets for cows and sheep to help combat emissions. Animal rights activists were unavailable for comment.


srdem65 said...

OK. Let's just kill all the animals on earth to cut the emissions and we start to eat whole grains and fiberous plants.  Ooops, then humans might be, uh, making some emissions.  OK.  Let's just all kill ourselves, y'know, to save the earth.  Wait...I need more Jack in my tea and then I'll have the answer.

drfredc said...

I've said this for years.  It's common sense.  Global warming, especially that related to solar activity (NOT CO2 from man), doesn't occur at the equator as much as the poles.  Heat at the equator is quickly dissapated towards the poles, not accumulated in the equator.   This will make the earth more temperate between the poles and equator -- which means weather patterns that depend upon wide variations in temperature and pressure (such as hurricanes) will be reduced, not increased. 

Rose said...

God delights in doing opposite the globull idiots. So they prophesy fewer cyclones and less waves - at least we know their conventions and concerts will still draw blizzards, etc. Hope they start getting hailed on their heads, too.

Would love to see Algore's beach houses get washed away, and insurance non-payment.