Monday, April 04, 2011

Totally Objective MSM Observation of the Day: Obama is "The Greatest Orator of Modern Times"

So says Politico's Chief Political Columnist Roger Simon.

Apparently, he doesn't pay much attention to politics. Either that or he is so deep in the tank for Obama, he'd get the bends if he ever came up for air.

Seriously - has Simon not noticed that this gifted orator has a strange knack for sending his audience off to dreamland?

More like the Greatest Snorator of Modern Times.

Even Lady GaGa is a more engaging public speaker. Just imagine if she had a decent speechwriter!

But don't worry. Simon assures us that the bloom is almost off the rose between Obama and the press. Almost. Soon, skeptical reporters will begin holding Obama accountable for what he actually says. No, really! Any day now.

Via Newsbusters.



dnlchisholm said...

Did President Obama steal his 2012 re-election campaign slogan from a rival?

aquila6 said...

And before Obama, Adolf Hitler was the greatest orator of modern times.

Way to go, Bammy.

ConservativeBC said...

Obama: Drill, Uh, Uh, But, But, Clean Energy, AHHH, ET, ET, But, Develop Some Sources

Patti Villacorta said...

<span><span><span>The Reporter that made President #Obama Blink... plus Does #Roger Simon Know his ABCD's?</span></span></span>