Saturday, April 02, 2011

'She's Not Crazy, Like Some People May Think'

Keep a sharp eye on those art teachers. They could snap at any moment.
A Brooklyn art teacher was hauled out of school in cuffs yesterday for threatening to launch a terrifying Columbine-style gun attack, sources said yesterday.

Sabrina Milo, 34, was arrested at about noon at Fort Hamilton HS in Bay Ridge on charges of making terroristic threats, cops said.

Law-enforcement sources told The Post that Milo allegedly told co-workers yesterday that she would shoot up the school like in the infamous 1999 Columbine HS massacre in Colorado.

She allegedly made the statements Tuesday at about 12:30 p.m. to three teachers at the school.

Sources said Milo wanted to come to the school with a machine gun under a trench coat and that "it would be Columbine all over again."

She also told another teacher not to worry because she liked that person, the sources said.

This wasn't the first brush with trouble for Milo, who was hired by the Department of Education in 2001.

She was sent to a rubber room for a disciplinary issue last May, but was allowed to return to the classroom at the start of the school year in September.
Fortunately some of her students don't have any problem with her.
"Ms. milo is the best art teacher i ever had in all my life she always makes me laugh in all the projects we do. her projects are mad fun," one student wrote.

Others said she had a reputation for being eccentric.

"She's wonderful! She's not crazy, like some people may think," said another student in posted comments.
Well, that's a relief.

These crazy art teacher sure make a good living.
Milo, who is paid $75,796, reportedly had a short temper and told two colleagues that was going to come in for work armed and 'do what needs doing'.

'She would get angry and run off at the mouth. Whether that would translate into real action - no one was willing to take the chance," the source told the Daily News.

'Her husband was ex-military, so there was a concern that she had access to weapons.'


FrankG said...

and I suppose they will not be able to fire her?

Just A Grunt said...

Notice the perpetuation of the stereotype of the militiary. "Her husband was ex-military, so there was a concern that she had access to weapons."

Yup , I remember as I was outprocessing the Army how they gave me a choice of semi automatic weapons and an unlimited supply of ammo. All those folks killed at Ft Hood must have missed that whole thing about having access to weapons too. Why not go ahead and throw in folks who buy Dish satelittes while you are at it.

Civillians really do have no comprehension of the military. Her huband could have been an oboe player in a military band for all we know.

/rant off