Saturday, October 01, 2011

Al's Pals Know Where The Suckers Are

Noted race warlord and PMSNBC token minority host Al Sharpton may be running into a little bit of trouble in Atlanta.

So far, no one has proven it's a scam, but they haven't proven it's for real either.

This week more than 700 senior citizens filled out a rather skimpy form promising a $500 check from the American Opportunities Stimulus Program.
The organization promising these handouts is the local branch of Al Shaprton's National Action Network. I have no doubt Revrund Al will invoke the liberal standard denial of "not in my name," but it is proof that the grifters and scammers in the world know their target audience.

Besides, that sure looked legit to me. Who wouldn't trust somebody in a t-shirt and capri pants sitting on the front steps of a building promising you money?

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Stonemason said...

I can not beleive the news reader dude said the last line with a straight face "The (scammers) have left town for the weekend and will talk to us when they return."  LOL...I almost fell out of my chair!