Saturday, October 01, 2011

Dimwit Wall Street Protesters Tie Up Traffic on Brooklyn Bridge, Many Arrested, Including NY Times Reporter

They so desperately crave attention and now they're getting it.
Thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters swarmed the Brooklyn Bridge Saturday, shutting down car lanes and setting up yet another showdown with the NYPD.

Dozens of people were arrested after standing in the roadway, blocking the Brooklyn-bound lanes. Traffic in the opposite direction was slowed -- but still running after the 4 p.m. standoff.

Police called in city buses to haul away some of the handcuffed demonstrators.

"People were trying to climb off [the roadway to the pedestrian] walkway, but they were freaking out," Mariana Flor, 23, said of the police.

Flor said cops warned protesters that if they didn't move, they'd be arrested.

Some of the demonstrators estimated more than 100 people were arrested. The NYPD couldn't immediately confirm the number of people in custody.
Remember now, this was to be the lefty antidote to the Tea Party. Strange, but I don't recall tea partiers tying up traffic or being arrested by the dozen. SEIU is busing in protesters, so it won't be long until they become violent. That's how they roll.

At the NY Times they note one of their own was caught up in the police dragnet. Just caught up in the excitement, I guess.
Officers began plunged into the crowd – with protesters at times chanting “white shirts, white shirts” — and, one by one, they made the arrests, using plastic flex cuffs. A freelance reporter for The Times, Natasha Lennard, was among those arrested. Charges against those arrested were not immediately available.
At the bottom it reads:
Natasha Lennard and William K. Rashbaum contributed reporting.
So the reporter has become a part of the story. Interesting.

The comments section are hysterical.
Much respect to the NY Times for putting this story out there. There is CLEARLY a media blackout in effect. Hopefully, the Times will be the ones to step up and report on one of the biggest stories of our generation...
And this:
It will be interesting to see if these protests receive anything like the coverage given to the Tea Party.
Yes, in coverage given to the Tea Party they were portrayed as an angry, raucous mob. Let's see if these mutants are portrayed as an angry, raucous mob.

Update: Boy, it sure does look like Times reporter Natasha Lennard is quite sympathetic with the movement.
if @radiohead play #occupywallstreet on saturday, shit gonna get crazy. do hope the rumours are true
Her Twitter feed this afternoon puts her square in the middle of the action.

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