Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Anti-Semitic LA Teacher Fired

Who said blogs don't have any influence?
Los Angeles school officials say a substitute teacher has lost her job after making anti-Semitic comments during an interview.

In a statement Tuesday, schools Superintendent John Deasy condemned remarks made by Patricia McAllister during a protest rally last week.

In an Oct. 12 interview with at a Los Angeles rally, McAllister said "Zionist Jews and the Federal Reserve" need to be run out of this country.

Deasy says that although freedom of speech is a protected right of public employees, the LAUSD can't set a good example for students while tolerating disrespectful, intolerant or discriminatory behavior.
One more trip down memory lane.

We're sure to hear from her again once she joins forces with the ACLU to sue the school district.

Thanks to Zombie for the heads up.


Dell said...

Reposted at my place.

Jenn Of The Jungle said...

Good. You can say what you want and there can and will be consequences.

rich b said...

I'm glad to see there are consequences to what she said but considering her attitude, I think she's just gonna blame some "Jew" official inside the LAUSD. She will never change. You can bet on it. Now let's see if the UTLA can get her fat ass out of this if they can. My guess is she doesn't have tenure so they won't so good riddance. I wonder how many like her taught my children, who are both survivors of the LAUSD.

Rick said...

Too bad.  The kids are going to miss her classes.  Goosestepping 101.  Advanced Book Burning.  Introduction To Racebaiting.

Carole said...

So glad you posted an update on this story. This is exactly what I had hoped for.