Wednesday, October 19, 2011

'It Feels That He's Betrayed the Party. He's Betrayed the Public. He's Betrayed His Ideals'

Whenever you see a Republican switch allegiance and join forces with Democrats they're hailed as having grown and seen the error of their ways. They're celebrated while Republicans are ominously warned they have to change their ways or face extinction.

Yet when a longtime Democrat who apparently has financial problems takes a job with a group headed by a Republican, look how he's treated.

Remember, they're the Party of Tolerance.
Ron Dellums is a life-long Democrat, but KTVU has learned he's now working with Republicans.

It's a stunning change of allegiance for Dellums and one supporter says the former congressman and mayor quote: "sold his soul".

During his three decades in Congress, Ron Dellums was so far to the left that he described himself as a socialist.

So it's raising eyebrows to learn he's now working as a lobbyist for an influential Republican firm.

From his days as a Berkeley City Councilman in the 60's, to fighting Apartheid in Congress, to his last days in office as Oakland Mayor, Dellums has been among America's loudest liberal voices.

Now, Dellums is working out of a Washington, D.C. office as vice chairman of Watts Partners.

That is the lobbying and consulting firm was founded by former Oklahoma Republican Congressman J.C. Watts.

"It feels that he's betrayed the party. He's betrayed the public. He's betrayed his ideals," said Democratic party activist Nancy Sidedotham.

Long time Dellums supporters are stunned, asking why would he cross to the other side?

Dellums has had tax problems, reportedly owing as much as $239,000.

"The bottom line with the economy the way it is today you've got to look for where the dollars going to come in and he's hurting for money and that's why he sold his soul," said Sidedotham.

But some of his supporters say that's no excuse.

"There's something more important than money and that is if you're a Democrat you're always a Democrat and you're only going to work for Democrats," said Howard Egerman, Democratic party activist.
So I suppose they'd rather have the guy living on the streets instead of looking out for himself and his family.


Dellums was about as far left as you could be while in Congress and later as Oakland Mayor. Yet when a fine man like Watts reaches out and gives the guy a job, he's a traitor.

Why are these liberals so heartless and ugly? Speaking of ugly, here's a look at the "activist" Sidebotham. She clearly sees no irony that a lifelong Democrat living in a Democrat state under full Democrat control in a country with a failed Democrat president is hard up for a job. And only a Republican will give him one.


richard mcenroe said...

Ron Dellums is one of those assholes who would look good hungry.  Just sayin'...

The Reaganite Republican said...

If they weren't embittered and deluded they wouldn't have been libs in the first place

Anonymous said...

Sounds sorta like how Islam treats their apostates.