Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Communist Party Announces Solidarity with 'Occupy Wall Street'

So now the Occupy Wall Street mob has leading Democrats, Hugo Chavez, Iran and the Communist Party in solidarity behind them.

This is an exciting time! Thousands of mainly young people have been occupying Wall Street for three weeks already, and the “Occupy Movement” has spread to more than 200 other cities. On Oct. 6 the actions spread to our nation’s capital.

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) will hold a national teleconference to discuss it:

Arturo Cambron
The Communist Party and the Occupy L.A. Movement
Tuesday, October 11, 8 pm Eastern
Teleconference number: 605-474-4850
Access code: 1053538#

Southern California Party leader Arturo Cambron will share how the CPUSA and Young Communist League (YCL) are working in “Occupy Los Angeles.”

This movement, also known as the “99% movement,” is being hailed across the country. Movements and organizations are reaching out in solidarity. The AFL-CIO is opening union halls and offering other material assistance. Ordinary people are donating food, money and materials.

In many areas, the “Occupy Movement” is linking up with the National American Wants to Work Week of Actions, Oct. 10-16.

No doubt the “Arab Spring” demonstrations and those that exploded in Wisconsin, Ohio and elsewhere have inspired it. But underlying it all is the economic crisis, the massive unemployment and growing realization that nothing is getting better, and in fact we may be slipping into a “double dip” crisis. The crushing student debt and the feeling of being locked out of society with no future compound this.

The movement is the newest wrinkle in the all-people’s upsurge against the banks and corporations and reflects a new level of class-consciousness.

While there is a wide range of political and ideological trends, there is a consensus against corporate greed, getting money out of politics, taxing the rich and putting people before profits.

A big challenge for the CPUSA and left, progressive movements is to link these demonstrations with the labor led all-people’s coalition and help deepen understanding that the path to progress must be through electoral and political action including defeating Republican Tea Party reaction in 2012.
For such a "popular" uprising, I've yet to see a single poll showing support for these fleabaggers. Funny how that is.

H/T Kerry Picket.

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brian prince said...

Okay.  The "arab spring" lauded by obama's "media darlings' was originated where?  Hmmm.  The White House has 3 members of The Muslim Brotherhood...in it's 'hood'...working as TOP ADVISORS to the C.I.C. (COMMANDER in CHIEF).  FACE-BOOK founders and top people poured gas on the coals in Egypt...leading to the whole riot scenario in the Middle East.  Janet Napolitano appointed 'two devout muslims' to high cabinet positions in Homeland Security....while we have wide open borders and D.O.J and Obama suing states who want to #1.  Survive and protect citizens.  #2.  Enforce EXISTING Federal LAW...in doing so.  Then the ICING on this SICK CAKE...is that CHAVEZ, CASTRO, HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH, MEX MOB and SOROS, CLINTON, GORE and OBAMA are all BUSINESS PARTNERS and FRIENDS!