Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Whole World Isn't Watching: Barely Half of Americans Have Even Heard of OWS

Despite an avalanche of favorable, almost sycophantic media coverage, barely half of the American public has even heard about the Occupy Wall Street temper tantrum.

But remember, the whole world is watching or something.
A little more than half of all Americans have heard of the Occupy Wall Street movement, according to the results of an ORC International Caravan Poll released on Monday, with more saying they have a positive view of the movement than saying they have a negative view.

The poll showed that 51 percent of Americans have heard of the Occupy Wall Street movement, while 49 percent said they have not heard of the movement.

Protesters have been assembled in Zuccotti Park near the New York Stock Exchange since September 17th in effort to draw attention to inequalities in the financial system that they claim favor the wealthy.

While the mainstream media was relatively slow to pick up on the Occupy Wall Street movement, coverage of the group has increased steadily as the protests have spread from lower Manhattan to other major cities across the country.
Coverage was slow to pick up on it? Really? Stories on this group of human debris has buried the already-scant news coverage of Obama's massive fast and Furious and Solyndra scandals, which is probably why Democrats are so eager to support the anarchists.
The poll found that 27 percent of Americans generally agree with the group's overall position, while 19 percent disagree. Fifty-four percent said they have no opinion, partly reflecting the 49 percent that have not heard of the movement.
I notice most media have been slow to do any polling on this at all, likely because they won't like the results.


Eric said...

I agree: I don't understand the unlimited and sympathetic coverage to this handful of hippies.  So far I've only seen the NY Post wade into the crowd to find out they're all looking for cheap drugs and free food.

brian prince said...

We had Bible Codes on "riots in America" for 2011 back in 2010.  The people in my Codes Group (if they were getting thier news mainly from mainstream...in other words - propaganda watering the tree of a liberalized and dummed down education - were OPINING that this would be TEA-PARTY).

Led by the Holy Spirit of God...I knew this to be not True.  I have been active in Tea-Party for 3 years now and actually much longer as a Patriotic Christian Evangelist.  Many of Us have been attacked or ridiculed from all sides...including hypocritical 'church people'...now they can enjoy the other side of the ditch..."progressive"...LIBERALISM!