Monday, October 03, 2011

Deep Thoughts From Mark Ruffalo: 'We Live With Great Lawlessness in the Land of the Law'

If you have no idea who Mark Ruffalo is, he's some Hollywood twit who obviously has too much free time on his hands, so he's joined up with the filthy anarchists polluting the streets of Lower Manhattan, and he's offering up his keen insights into what ails America.
When people critique this movement and say spurious things about the protesters' clothes or their jobs or the general way they look, they are showing how shallow we have become as a nation. They forget that these people have taken time out of their lives to stand up for values that are purely American and in the interest of our democracy. They forget that these people are encamped in an urban park, where they are not allowed to have tents or other normal camping gear. They are living far outside their comfort zone to protect and celebrate liberty, equality and the rule of law.
Taken time out of their lives? Huh? These people clearly have no jobs or any interest in finding one. They're the 99%? No, they're Obama's 9.1%, left jobless because a guy Ruffalo surely voted for has run our economy into the ground.
It is a thing of beauty to see so many people in love with the ideal of democracy, so alive with its promise, so committed to its continuity in the face of crony capitalism and corporate rule. That should be celebrated. It should be respected and admired.
Crony capitalism? Has this genius heard of Solyndra, by any chance?
Their message is very clear and simple: get money out of the political process; strive for equality in taxation and equal rights for all regardless of race, gender, social status, sexual preference or age. We must stop poisoning our food, air and water for corporate greed. The people on Wall Street and in the banking industrial complex that destroyed our economy must be investigated and brought to justice under the law for what they have done by stealing people's homes and savings.
Um, who exactly is "poisoning our food, air and water"? Can this boob even clarify his statements or cite some examples rather than mouthing platitudes?
This movement transcends political affiliations. America has been debased and degraded by greed. This has touched 99% of America's population. The other 1% is doing just fine – with more than a third of the wealth of this nation.
This transcends political affiliations? Really? Can anyone identify a conservative who's out there sleeping on the street so he can speak truthiness to power or something?
The 99% of us have paid a dear price so that 1% could become the wealthiest people in the world. We all pay insanely high energy prices while we see energy companies making record profits, year after year. We live with great injustices in the land of justice. We live with great lawlessness in the land of the law.
Indeed, I saw plenty of lawlessness just the other day when some filthy maggots shut down the Brooklyn Bridge. But I guess now some wealthy Hollywood actor isn't part of the evil 1%. He should either fire his agent or find a better accountant.

I do agree with Ruffalo on one point: Maybe it's time to get some money out of politics. Let's start by having Ruffalo declare he won't be filling up Democrat coffers any longer or maxing out his donations to Obama. Speaking of which, Ruffalo ponied up $2750 to Obama in 2008, cleverly working around the maximum allowable contributions by splitting it up between the "Obama for America" and "Obama Victory Fund" accounts. But we've got to get money out of politics, according to Ruffalo.


FrankG said...

wanna bet every one of those assholes is a) on unemployment, or b) trust fund babies, or c) living on a gubbamint grant? Who can take that kind of time off to protest with a gibberish message?

J Milam said...

Can someone point me to where Ruffalo defended tea partiers against a myriad of racism charges?  No?  Didn' think so.

Michael Ryan said...

I understand your frustration, since their votes count as much as yours.  Still, overall, I feel a bit sorry for them.  They're obviously not too bright, have nowhere to go, have no idea what to do with their lives, and are generally directionless. Obama has given them someone to rally around.  Unfortunately the person they've rallied around is not too perceptive, doesn't know what he doesn't know, and has bounced from job to job giving a mediocre performance in each.  It's really just kind of sad.

mpfs79 said...

I frind the hipster d-bag's outfit very trendy. Pants from the GAP, check. Sweater from Hollister, check. Shirt from A&F, check. Headscarf from Keffiyehs R Us, check. Latest issue of Pravda in pocket, check. Cardboard sign is SO last year. Paper mache puppet heads are whats in this year. Taken all together the outfit is an epic FAIL.  I assume he has daddy and mommy's black (I denounce myself) AMEX card in their pocket so he can retire to the Plaza for a shower, espresso and a few nibblies.