Monday, October 03, 2011

Schumer and Durbin Admit Democrats Won't Vote for Obama's Tax Increases

Left unmentioned for the most part by the media is the fact Democrats have to defend 23 Senate seats in 2012, and with Barack Obama at the top of the ticket many of them realize they're going down with the sinking ship. So if any of them are to survive they understand one thing: Do not, under any circumstances, commit political suicide by voting for a massive, job-killing tax increase.
New York's senior senator said even the Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate was balking at paying for President Obama's jobs bill.

"The main hangup is not the jobs bill itself," Sen. Charles Schumer said Sunday. Obama has been calling on lawmakers to pass his $447 billion jobs bill in nearly every speech for almost a month and proposed paying for it with spending cuts, tax hikes on the wealthy and closing corporate tax loopholes.

"After [Obama] announced the jobs bill ... he proposed ways of paying for it that are probably not the best way to garner the votes," Schumer said.
But like a schmuck, you stood there and cheered him on, Chuckie.
Republican leaders in the House had been vocal arguing that now was not the time to raise any taxes. And Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) has said that Democratic senators standing for election won't vote for a tax increase - "even on the wealthiest people."
So there's no hope Obama's tax increases pass and Democrats won't even bring it up for a vote. But the clown in the White House is still running around to daily fundraisers demanding it be passed.

Be assured it won't.

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