Saturday, October 15, 2011

Go Occupy the Kennedy Compound

What a pathetic showing in Hyannis.
Over one hundred concerned Cape Codders gathered on the Hyannis Village Green to stage the first Occupy Cape Cod event. Rain drove the crowd under the bandstand, but did not dampen their spirits. Last then half that were expected to meet at the green today.
Wow, a hundred people? Feel the wave.
Participants carried signs reading, "We the people are pissed" and "No more blood for oil".

Diane Turco of Harwich organized the Occupy Cape Cod event. As a teacher, Turco has students who live in hotels and shelters and only have a warm meal at school. Turco saw Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Boston as a real spark, "a way of exposing the needs of people and coming together to some resolution."
That "Bunch of Assholes" sign really adds a special touch.

H/T Slone.

This Turco woman laments kids living in shelters and hotels. She fails to point out these folks were largely displaced from New Orleans post-Katrina and never left. But I guess it's Wall Street's fault or something.


Dean_L said...

Hyannis hippies.  Count how many people there are under 50 years old - not too many.

"Come on out, it'll be just like 1968 all over again man!"

Go occupy Geritol.

NeoKong said...

Stop the war in Viet Nam.

laZrtx said...

99% moron. 1% grey matter.