Saturday, October 15, 2011

'Largely Peaceful' NYC Protest Results in 24 Arrests

David Suker hands out copies of the Occupied Wall Street Journal and invites passersby to join. As for why the crowd is headed to Times Square, the 43-year-old teacher from the South Bronx says, "To party. We're celebrating yesterday's victory over Bloomberg and his Wall Street buddies."

They must be so proud of this teacher wearing a Che t-shirt. He clearly has no shame himself.

Meanwhile, the media's doing their best to say things were peaceful while two dozen were arrested. Meanwhile, inspired by their New York comrades, anarchists went wild in Rome. That was also peaceful.
Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of the Italian capital to protest peacefully, but several dozen mask-wearing anarchists broke free from the main demonstration to rampage through the city.

Police fired tear gas and water cannons as rioters smashed shop and bank windows, set fire to cars and hurled bottles. Some protesters carried clubs, others wielded hammers. They destroyed bank cash machines, set bins on fire and assaulted at least two news crews from Sky Italia.

At least 70 protesters were injured and three were reported to be in critical condition. Twenty five of the injured were treated at a field clinic near St John Lateran square, where most of the clashes between protesters and police occurred, while the rest were taken to hospitals around the city. More than 30 policemen were hurt.

“Those who are carrying out what is nothing less than urban guerrilla warfare are hurting the cause of people around the world, who are trying to freely express their discontent with the world economic situation,” said Pierluigi Bersani, head of the Democratic Party, the largest in the opposition.
But don't forget, it was all very peaceful.

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