Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guilt by Association in Seal Beach

Following the tragic shootings in Seal Beach, CA Wednesday, which was apparently over a custody dispute, the crazed left is giddy over the fact the suspect had a license plate frame that notes support for the Tea Party.

Obviously this means tea partiers are homicidal maniacs.

That's what it's come to with these lunatics.

Other nutcases are also quick to chime in.
Suspect in Seal Beach Shooting is Tea Party Supporter #LGFPages
They don't even know definitively if it's the suspect's truck, they don't even know if he's the one who put that frame on the tag. All they know is it mentions the Tea Party. Therefore, he's a Tea Party killer.

They squeal like little bitches if you dare tie any activity by deranged leftists to them, even facetiously, but this ugliness is just fine.

Nothing in the actual LA Times news story makes such a link, because there is none. But leave it to the deranged denizens of the fever swamps to neatly tie it all together.

Stay classy, assholes.

Update: Looks like this group "" was a fake. Doubtful we'll see any retraction from investigative reporter Charles Johnson.

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